Part of Coco Gauff’s success in Pere Riba, Spain

September 12, 2023 11:45

Central European Summer Time

Pere Riba The great Spanish champion and architect of victory at the U.S. Open Coco Gough. Since mid-summer, the 19-year-old young tennis player from Delray Beach has been working under the command of the Barcelona native. Pere Riba With him he formed an almost unbeatable combination. Under his guidance, the results came out not long after, almost winning the Triple Crown. Already following.

Coco Gough He started this season with Pere RibaPreviously worked with China Zheng QinwenIn the two years they traveled together, he took it into the top 20 in the world.and goff He has won three titles (Washington, Cincinnati and U.S. Open) and has 21 wins in 24 starts.

Pere Riba Suggested by Brad Gilbertformer coach, etc. Andre Agassi and Andy Roddickboth are also U.S. Open champions. With Riba and Gough He improved his footwork, forehand and over-aggressiveness on the inside dunk. clue.

goffThe 19-year-old became the main reference point for the most powerful country in history, and since the withdrawal, the country has been plunged into a power vacuum. Serena Williams.

although Pere Riba, A 35-year-old former tennis player from Barcelona, ​​he reached his best ranking in 2011 at No. 65, but that was as a coach goff There he won the biggest title of his career – a Grand Slam.

goff Not only did she decide to have a Spanish man train her, but she also used another reference, e.g. Carlos Alcaraz to gain the necessary motivation.

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