Pascal Obispo: His wife Julie attacked on her physique? The artist defends it body and soul!


Tired of the attacks against his wife, the artist took up her defense, notably highlighting her role in her new project.

Pascal Obispo hates anyone to attack his wife, Julie. Especially when his physique is under attack! Tired of all these tackles, the singer wanted to express himself and highlight the qualities of the pretty blonde. “She has a natural beauty, but not only. She is very interested in others, has specialties and she is going to prove it. I am very proud of it,” he told our colleagues at Tele 7 Jours. His wife is involved in his new project (on which he worked for almost two years) with the realization of several “interviews of inspiring personalities”.

Currently, the artist is touring the media to present his new application called Obispo All Access. It has also been available since January 8 on Apple Store and Google Play, with a subscription of 5.99 euros per month, without commitment. Distancing himself from the record labels, the 56-year-old artist has promised his community exclusive content every Friday.

“All of my music from yesterday, today, and tomorrow, online. And so much more,” he posted on Instagram“With animations, clips, series, programs, unpublished lives, books, comics, sharing around a piano and a guitar, karaoke, documentaries, interviews … all this continuously and in complete freedom “.

Fans will be able to discover unreleased tracks such as his album of Christophe covers, meditation music but also young artists.


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 “I don’t see what use a record company … to limit myself by telling myself that you have to release an album every two and a half years? It’s an insult to music and creativity”, said the one who would very much like to collaborate with Adele, Paul McCartney, PNL, or even Booba in an interview with AFP. Even if the latter does not necessarily hear it that way!