Pat Metheny’s guitar prowess draws applause at Piazza Napoleone


This is the only Italian date for the musician touring the project ‘Side-i’ to promote emerging artists.

Another legend on the stage of the Summer Festival, The evening was meant to raise the spirits of those present in Piazza Napoleone Pat Metheny, one of the greatest and most admired jazz guitarists in the business.

Winner of 20 Grammy Awards and founder of the Pat Metheny Group, he has been able to differentiate between most diverse music styles and collaborating with such legends as Ornette Coleman, Herbie Hancock, Milton Nascimento and David Bowie.

Tonight was the only Italian date on his tour, The American guitarist presented his project on the occasion lateral eye, which he launched this year and features young budding musicians who have captured his interest throughout his artistic journey. The name of the project refers to the ability of jazz musicians to communicate with the distinctive “lateral gaze”. A project that the public really liked, mesmerized by their guitar solos, which characterized most of the evening.

It was tonight An unforgettable opportunity to admire the talent and versatility of one of the greatest masters of jazz guitar.

Several songs from his long career are in the lineup: bright shape lifeIit starts when we disappear And are you walking with me Most appreciated by the public in Piazza Napoleone who are already ready for a new appointment.

Waiting for the first concert in the stands of the Walls Foggy Saturday (July 22)So the logistics will be announced tomorrow, Thursday will be the day lil nas xOne of the most anticipated events of the entire review.

Photo by Andrea Simi

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