Teramano, born in 1994, is already a talented shorts player, from My brother To GamesSimone Bozzelli made a long-range pass Patagoniapresented at the competition in Locarno, now in Italian cinemas.

Bozzelli won in 2022 for I want to be your slave Moneskin won an MTV Music Award for Best Alternative

The video, and partly because of that, partly because of the short films, partly because it’s included, partly because it’s produced by Wildside and distributed by Vision, there was a lot of anticipation. Good for him.

But we’ve seen it, and no, it doesn’t work.

The relationship between the little boy Yuri (Andrea Fuorto), raised among aunties, sponges and cotton wool in the province of Abruzzo, and the domineering, transgressive wanderer Agostino (Augusto Mario Russi), in many ways reflects our latest or very late cinema. , if you want, exciting. , from Pasolini’s Ninetto. Boy with a flower in his mouth two chitti, up Happy Lazarus – AND Street no, and then not Pinocchio?

Nothing terrible, except that these ancestral mountains gave birth to a mouse – damn it! – who avoids long-term plans and feeds on conclusions: I want to be your slaveRegarding the former, this could be an alternative title.

Uh, borrowing knows no bounds, from Burning Plain To Country of Nomads, but remember the faces, yes: Augusto Maria Russo is Robert Pattinson, Andrea Fuorto Xavier Dolan. It’s clear: they look like them, a copy of a thousand film summaries.

To which we give a good local prologue, a powerful scene (writing), but nothing more. Then there is, and let’s close, a serious problem: the translation of social marginality into psychological distress, as seen in the scenes at the travel agency, without firing a shot.

PatagoniaPatagonia? – this is Tierra del Fuego, and someone burned there.

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