Pato Abbondanzieri spoke again about that crossing with Marcelo Gallardo in Boca-River: “I have no grudge at all”

Roberto Abbondanzieri is highly identified with the shirt of Mouth since it was an important part of the glory stage of the club at the beginning of the XXI century. In this case, the “Pato” spoke about all the issues in an extensive interview: Sebastián Battaglia’s present, his crossing with Marcelo Gallardo and Martín Palermo’s relationship with Juan Román Riquelme, among other topics.

Mouth He will face Talleres this Wednesday for the final of the Argentine Cup and it will be a fundamental match for Battaglia. “He has personality. I don’t know him as a coach because I didn’t have the same relationship after being teammates. I saw him in Almagro, in the Boca Reserve, where they told me he worked very well. Now, it’s a First Division that is very difficult. It has character, but it has to involve many things, “he described.

“When Boca does not have results and is not doing well, the coach is the one who will suffer. In this case, Battaglia. And you begin to see all the details of a coach who, for me, is new. You have to give him a time, but Boca does not give it to you “, analyzed the “Duck” Abbondanzieri.

In addition, in the interview with ESPN, they asked him to compare Carlos Bianchi with Gallardo. “I see them similar. This River has more dynamics than ours. It trains differently than 20 years ago. Unlike this River, the game ended 1-0 and died. With the tools we had and, line by line, we had to play as River. Nobody stopped our midfield, “he said.

While, Abbondanzieri He spoke of that episode of the “scratch” with Gallardo at Boca-River in the 2004 Copa Libertadores. “Until today, we did not see each other again. If he would come, I have no resentment at all. At the time, I waited for his apologies because They had told me very well about him. I found out by the reaction, I asked what he was like and they told me he was a very good person. So, he caught my attention. The one who ended up losing was him. Now, it took a long time. a favor that did not play revenge, “he recalled.

“As a Boca fan, I would like Gallardo to leave. But as a soccer person, I think he would have to stay and try to lead River to win the Intercontinental Cup,” he admitted.

For his part, the “Duck“Now away from football, he referred to Palermo’s relationship with Riquelme.” It was a silly problem that he was distancing himself, it remained like that and the whole environment did it that way, but they are two men who, in five minutes, can solve any issue. Martín can work with Román in the Soccer Council, calmly. It’s a crazy thing not to be able to be there. When I was in the coaching staff, we talked about it. I always proposed it to him. Yes we have to go to Boca, we have to go. It is a matter of sitting down and talking about it, “he said.

“I thought that Nico (for Nicolás Burdisso) was going to take me and Martín to Boca. I expected him to call us. I don’t know if we were prepared either, I think so. I think that if Daniel Angelici won, Martín could be there. yes, he never wanted to get involved with any list, “he completed “Duck” Abbondanzieri.

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