“Pato” Philol hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia

The former world champion goalkeeper in 1978 lives in the Finochetto Nursing Home.

Ubaldo Matildo “Pato” Fillol, the former goalkeeper of the Argentina national team in the 1978 World Cup, was admitted to the Finochetto Sanatorium due to bilateral pneumonia.

“I am hospitalized again with bilateral pneumonia. I feel strong and hope to return home as soon as possible and continue to enjoy life and fulfill the several commitments agreed in advance,” the former footballer wrote on his Instagram account. ” to reassure those in power.

He added: “My heartfelt hug to all of you, my support and my continued love.”

“Fuerza Pato, everything will be fine,” Mario Kempes wrote to him, as did Norberto “el Beto” Alonso Letter to him, he told him: “Strength, dear friend.”

On the other hand, Julio “El Vasco” Oraticochea and Alberto Tarantini, like other former footballers and football personalities, also expressed their love for him.

Philol and another respiratory complication

This is not the first time Fillor has had respiratory problems. For example, in 2021, at the age of 71, he contracted Covid-19 and had to receive medical attention for two weeks.

Therefore, he became infected after receiving the first two doses of the vaccine.

On that occasion, the former goalkeeper’s condition worsened to the point of bilateral pneumonia. While hospitalized, he practiced bass with his wife.

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