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On Tuesday night, San Juan experienced a historic day for national sports. At the Bicentennial Stadium, the Argentine National Team matched with Brazil, stretching its undefeated to 27 games, and, after a series of results, secured the ticket to the Qatar World Cup. Although it was not one of the best performances of La Scaloneta, the province was convulsed by the presence of Lionel Messi and the rest of the footballers in a celebratory climate that has been maintained since the obtaining of the Copa América.

Before the ball starts to roll, in the hymn ceremony, the national patria song was performed by Lito Vitale, Juan Carlos Baglietto, Patricia Sosa and Mateo Sujatovich, leader of the rising band Knowing Russia. After midnight, the delegation had not yet managed to enter the airport to take the flight back to Buenos Aires. And the news was spread by Patricia herself, With a series of publications, his Instagram account in which he expressed all his anger without losing his sense of humor.

The former leader of La Torre made a live broadcast from the social network, which she later posted on her feed. With the signal in black, Patricia began a kind of journalist chronicle recounting what was happening inside a van in the airport parking lot. “We have been waiting for an hour or so for someone to open the door for us. The directors of the AFA have already passed, the directors of I don’t know who from Brazil, the National Team, have passed, but the musicians are not allowed to pass “, he recounted. “We are here that we do not give more, Lito and Juan are re-animated, Mateo is taking a course to murder someone, and they do not see anything because here it is dark because Lito wants to sleep,” he added between the anger and some humor to pass the most enjoyable time.

Next, the singer got out of the truck to speak with some authority and have a clearer picture. “They have to come looking for us, when the camera came, that is, I cracked the whole world,” said Patricia., showing a panoramic view of the airport entrance. “Besides, we sing well. They would have to do this if we had sung badly, “he added ironically.

“Besides, Baglietto lost the documents, they won’t let him get on the plane. This is tremendous ”, continued the actress, joking with the entourage until the situation became even more hilarious when she came across part of La Dolfina, the polo team led by Adolfo Cambiasso, with whom they shared their misadventures and received praise . “You broke it with the anthem”, it is heard that they say to him in off. “It was good,” thanked Patricia.

They were there when they approached a security personnel and asked if he could walk in, but the answer is negative. They had to wait for the pilot to arrive and to be picked up. “We are whose passengers? They ask me who our pilot is, how do I know? “, protested with some logic the interpreter of “Sweeten my ears”, who saw how the entourage of polo players entered. “Now everyone from La Dolfina is leaving and I, since I’m a Nobody, I’m not going anywhere.”

Apparently, the complaint was effective and Patricia received the indication to move forward. At a fast pace and without stopping filming, she was relieved. “Luckily, in this combi it is the rock combi. Rock is not dead ”, he celebrated before getting ready to take the flight. And the celebration was double. “Did La Dolfina stay behind? Bye, La Dolfina ”, he laughed out loud when he saw that he had taken a small advantage over his improvised adversaries.

But this was only a first step. The procession of musicians was able to enter the airport, but one detail was missing: the pilot to command the flight. Yes, as if it were the plot of a humorous movie. And that’s how Patricia took it, despite some bad drinks. “It is 2 in the morning and we just got on the plane and those we were waiting do not apologize, they spend us … but as you will see we are very fortunate to be happy and respectful,” wrote the interpreter in a video in which she is seen together Baglietto and Vitale, camouflaged with a filter and taking with humor a wait that became too long.

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