Patrick Bruel: When his ex Amanda Sthers succumbed to the charm of another very famous singer!


The writer and director shared a love affair with Patrick Bruel, the father of her children, but she had a love affair with a famous singer and ex-DALS participant.

Several women shared the life of Patrick Bruel but his most memorable love story will remain the one he shared with Amanda Sthers. They married in September 2004 and are the parents of two children aged 17 for Oscar and 15 years for Leon.

Unfortunately, their union was punctuated by a divorce in 2007.
A few years later, it is in the arms of the singer … Sinclair that she cooed. It was in his company that she wrote a musical from her children’s book Lili Lampion. Nina, the daughter of the ex-juror of the Nouvelle Star and former participant of Dance with the Stars and Emma De Caunes, who inspired her character.“When I separated from the father of my children, I decided to write a notebook for my children in order to defuse the situation. I realized that this notebook was doing them a lot of good (… ) A little girl who came into my life has completely appropriated the character. It’s Nina, 9, the daughter of my companion, the musician Sinclair. So he wrote a song and needle, here we are at the stage of musical comedy “, she had explained in Paris capital.

Their story ended in 2012. If she shared the life of Thierry Weinberg, a businessman, she was single for many years. But last May, she confessed in the columns of Paris Match, having found love: “I am at the beginning of a story”. However, the 42-year-old writer admitted not believing it. “(She) is not doomed to last since I am moving back to Los Angeles. And with confinement, we are closer to the phantasmagoric than to reality (…) You have to know how to say goodbye when a relationship is still beautiful “.

On the occasion, Amanda Sthers had also spoken of her relationship with Patrick Bruel: “It’s been twelve years since we were divorced, I am in another life. So it always seems strange to me that they bring me back to him. time, he is the father of my children, so I try to take him with a smile. But there is a patriarchal side, suffocating in this relationship “.