Patrick Mahomes is the NFL’s Leo Messi: Martin Gramática reveals his favorite Super Bowl player

With two Super Bowl victories, the truth is future patrick mahomes He’s going to be a Hall of Famer.but the chiefs they can strengthen the dynasty Those who get more titles because Martín Gramática Owning the 27-year-old quarterback is like owning Lionel Messi, Their field is the best in the world.

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“When you have Patrick Mahomes like having messi. This team always had the advantage of being the best team in the league at the time. Mahomes is showing this every week Also, he has a very good team, not just him. until someone knocks them out or they get hurtthey must be the favourites,” he told Sporting.

Messi revolutionized American football”, Martin Gramática

Lionel Messi joins Inter Miami caused all the reflections The whole world is watching Major League Soccer, whether it is fans or stars from different fields, they don’t want to miss a game of the Argentine star. That’s according to Martín Gramática, an Argentinian former Tampa Bay player who lives in Florida.

“The whole world is watching MLS, and it’s the same in Argentina, but I don’t think they’ve seen anything like this before. Today they saw Messi play. There are a lot of fans and stars because they want to see it up close and show you what it produced, what it did and what it’s destroying. If we see the first game against Cruz Azul, before he came on, they were playing badly and then he raised everyone’s game,” he told ESTO.

world champion madness Qatar 2022 Leading to an unimaginable increase in the price of tickets to watch it, but the former Super Bowl-winning kicker believes Messi deserves it.

“Football is waking up USA, With him, everything changed.Tickets sell out instantly, vs. LAFC is the most expensive game in league history, nearly $2,000, and that’s what it cost Past Super Bowl entries. He deserves everything he’s done in his career. People see him having fun again and for me he’s not just a player, he’s a role model and that’s what the boys have to see,” he added.

your disappointment

Martin, on the other hand, thinks Miami is big disappointment of the seasonbecause despite having a good team, he doesn’t trust Tua Tagovailoa.

“They have a lot of weapons, but Tua hasn’t filled me yet. I don’t think he’s an NFL player, but a leader Moreover, he also suffered a lot of injuries. They have an important team but I don’t think they will go very far.”

at last, Patrick Mahomes considered a natural candidate for this season’s MVPBut it doesn’t rule out a new revival for Aaron Rodgers with the Jets.

“Aaron had another motive, I think it’s very similar to when Tom Brady came to Tampa, like he’s rejuvenated and looking happier with his new gear. It could be one of the candidates,” he said.

grammar favorites for the super bowl

The new NFL season begins The collective opinion is that the most promisingand won the Super Bowl again is Kansas City. Martin Grammar, former tampa bay kicker and champion Vincent Lombardi, 2001pointed out that this is firstly because there is no one like Patrick Mahomes, but also because The US Conference looks stronger.

“In the United States andHe has more potential, evident on the Chiefs They brought in Patrick Mahomes, who was a phenomenon, unmatched. The Bills had a solid regular season, but they kind of ran out of steam late in the playoffs. But now that the Jets have Aaron Rodgers, they’re going to make a lot of progress. Don’t know if he can compete with Bill and the Chiefs, but I think they’re going to make the playoffs,” he said in an interview with ESTO.

country is san francisco

47-year-old Argentine, goals 155 shots in 109 games, He also explained that the National League looks weaker than it has in years past, though if any team can give the AFC some bells and whistles, it’s the Eagles and 49ers.

“Favorite is Philadelphia and San Francisco. You should definitely check out Brock Purdy because he was good last year, but he didn’t have much video.But they have a great team, great defense, and Christian McCaffrey is one of the best players in the league. On the other hand, we already know what Devonta Smith, AJ Brown and Jaylen Hurts are capable of,” he explained.

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But for Gramática, surprises could also come from other teams like the Rams, “as long as Matthew Stafford R.He’s coming back from injury” and is on the Saints so he can show a new Derek Carr.

“It scares me a little bit when it comes to division Tampa is New Orleans, Because Derek Carr is a very good quarterback. It was a mistake for me that the Raiders let him go. Obviously Jimmy Garoppolo played well too, but I think Karl is better,” he said.

of course heart martin was a pirate Though things don’t look encouraging for Tom Brady after his retirement, he believes Baker Mayfield then hopes “He got us into the playoffs, and when you go out there, nobody knows what’s going to happen.”

“Tampa Bay has a future after Brady retires,” Martin Gramatica

Before Tom Brady arrived, Tampa Bay had only won one Super Bowl, against the Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII. The goats arrive in 2020 and they have a second Vince Lombardi from his arms. Now that he’s retired, the outlook doesn’t look promising, but Martin Gramática will hopefully continue to play at a good level throughout the season.

“I don’t think we’re rebuilding. The only thing that’s changed is Brady, because after that we’ve got a lot of talent. We’ve got Michael Evans and Chris Goodwin on offense. We’ve got a good running back and the defense is almost intact No loss, they added some new, young players,” he told Estor.

they will beat brady

Of course, he understands that losing Brady is huge, but he’s confident that the ever-controversial Baker Mayfield can come out on top with the Buccaneers.

“When Brady leaves you, you drop a lot, but I love Baker Mayfield because he’s a guy who fights, never gives up, plays with injuries and motivates the team. It gives us hope. I Think, when Tampa brought him in, people assumed he would lose the spot and then Kyle Trask would come in, but in practice he won the spot, and I love it,” he noted.

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Another point Gramática gives for believing in the Buccaneers is that their division NFC South looks to be one of the worst teams in the NFL in 2023. Even though the Saints are one of them, they always give people from Florida a headache.

“The division is still not the best because Atlanta is going to improve, but I don’t know if it’s going to improve that much. Carolina might suffer growing pains with a rookie quarterback, and then I think the Saints will be the best. Tough. Playing against the Saints will always cost us no matter the record. I think Tampa and the Saints will be a race to win the division,” he said. V

“Winning the Super Bowl is like winning the World Cup”

In 2003, Martin Gramática Be the first South American player Winning the Super Bowl, a milestone that still stands today. The Argentine recalled those moments with nostalgia and detailed what it was like to lift Vince Lombardi.

“For me, winning the Super Bowl is like winning the World Cup because it’s difficult and look how much Messi has paid for it. Fortunately I was given,fourth year. The most beautiful thing, not just the race, not just the win, is the whole path to get there, it’s special. There’s something about the team, Joe Gruden has a different energy, he’s crazier, More of our styles. We enjoyed the game a lot and we felt we were going to win it from the start. ’ he told Sporting.

On the other hand, he pointed out that what The weirdest part of the NFL isn’t the game, But the brotherhood of fellow players in the locker room.

“Locker room parties, jokes, teammates, they don’t have that anywhere. That part is the loveliest part of playing in the NFL, That’s what I miss the most because yeah, Fans, the game is great, but the locker room is another story. That’s the cutest. It’s unbelievable to share with so much Hall of Fame,” he added.

kicker gets demoted in nfl

As in football, position goalkeeper ungratefulwhich in American football is the kicker equivalent, because in order for a player to perform better, one mistake is enough for them to always Get criticized and even lose your job. That’s how Martín Gramática understood it, scoring an extra 228 points between 1999 and 2008.

“Kicker It’s in the magnifying glass and it’s part of the game. When you have an opportunity, you should definitely take advantage of it, because the opportunities are few and far between. Criticism is something you get used to. Our week is the easiest in the NFL because we don’t have as hard a workout as our teammates, but we have the hardest part during the game. There is no middle ground because there are no alternativesit’s a lot of pressure because you know if you fail two or three, they’re going to knock you out and bring in a new one,” he told ESTO.

For the Argentine, heor more importantly to understand Let teammates know they are part of the team too, and even if they are not fully involved in the tackle, they will put in the same effort.

“The most important thing is to be part of the team, to stay and train with the teammates. When I fail they know it’s not lazy But because you failed, that’s all. For a while, the kicker misses the ball, and then they go to play golf, so the teammates look at him very badly. You create chemistry with the team and let them understand that you work like them,” he explained.

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