Patrick Mahomes signs lucrative contract with Kansas City Chiefs

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Patrick Mahomes has participated in three Super Bowls with the Chiefs and won two NFL championships.

The Kansas City Chiefs decided to re-sign Patrick Mahomes and added a few zeros to his roster. The quarterback will make $210 million over the next four seasons. NFL players received the most money during this period.

That’s not all, the two-time Super Bowl champion could take home millions more if he achieves his team’s goals. The Chiefs’ desire is to stay with Mahomes for many years, This is why they are willing to improve the existing agreement after 2026.

Pat Mahomes, the boss of bosses

Patrick Lavon Mahomes II Won his first Super Bowl in 2020, When the San Francisco 49ers came back to win the game 31-20, Pat won the MVP award after completing 26 of 42 passes with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.

Patrick Mahomes won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs and is an MVP candidate – Photo: Getty Images

in second That was in 2023, when he defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 35-38 and won his second championship ring.. After figures from years ago such as Tom Brady or Peyton Manning retired, Mahomes stood out as one of the newer figures in the NFL.

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