Patrick Schwarzenegger Has Set Out to Compete With Arnold, His Famous Father

Patrick Schwarzenegger.

The young actor decided to take a new training program, acquiring healthier habits; in his Instagram account he boasted the results in his physique

Young actor Patrick Schwarzenegger has just used his Instagram account to show the end result of a new training program that includes, among other things, getting up at five in the morning for fifty days.

Of course, the actor could not resist publishing a photo posing without a shirt to show off his new abs, although the most important thing for him has been to acquire healthier habits, which have helped him sleep better and enjoy higher energy levels. or productivity throughout the day. Thanks to this routine, Patrick has managed to reduce his body fat percentage from 13 to 8 percent in six months and has also gained almost ten kilos, although it is obvious that it has been in muscle mass.

“I love creating goals/challenges because it literally gives your brain a GPS to the destination you are looking for,” explained Patrick about his transformation. His famous father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, couldn’t resist teasing him in the comment section applauding his progress, but assuring him that he can’t wait to see the “after picture.”