Pau Capell admitted to hospital with infectious cellulitis

Paul Capel
The left leg now looks more normal, but the effects of the infection are still evident. (Copyright/Team)

Pau Capell lost strength due to an infection in his left leg and retired at the UTMB 100km mark.

Pau Capell was hospitalized for treatment of infectious cellulitis. This was decisive for him to give up UTMB Mont Blanc. The climber was hospitalized until Friday and was still suffering from a potentially serious bacterial skin infection if not treated properly.The question is raised by a Puncture on the back of left knee on August 17th Due to strengthening its treatment. Two days later, he started having problems with his legs, and on August 22 he was unable to walk.Capel himself emphasized “It spread and I felt really bad pain in my legs. Additionally, my legs started to swell and I started taking medication. The UTMB race was still ten days away. “I was just thinking about what I was going to take so I could There will be no doping during competition. “

We can’t forget that Pau Capell had surgery in jCartilage injury in left knee in July 2021 So runners “take care” of this knee.

The left knee was punctured during treatment, resulting in leg infection and infectious cellulitis.

As will be seen later, the antibiotic treatment was partially effective and he traveled to Chamonix with the intention of starting treatment. “When I arrived I had not run for ten days. I had only cycled in Andorra. However, on Wednesday 30 August I took part in my first training session with the fans running with Paul Capel . That training session made me feel good. It was Wednesday and the game was Friday. On Thursday, I told myself… I was going to have a good workout and finish the OCC final with Roger Comellas Part of it. I feel good.”

If not treated properly, the infection can spread to the lymph nodes and bloodstream and can quickly become life-threatening.

Pau Capell thought his infectious cellulitis problem in his left leg was over when he started the UTMB -171km. All was going well until about the 30th kilometer when he started to notice the first signs of discomfort. “It has a lot of ramps. There are ramps in the legs, calves. I’ve had this in my body during my athletic career. I take salt pills, I take gels, I eat well, drink well . I started to feel bad and after the Contamines refreshment stop I went out but I couldn’t find any rhythm. My pace was slower than I wanted. I started to climb Valmer Hill and I started to sweat. All of it. I had done 50 kilometers but I was still the same. He reached Kumail and it was 80 kilometers away and I said okay we are making progress but obviously the feeling is that Breaking Twenty is not done. When I left While there Bertone came up and Bonatti arrived. I went down to Nuba, 100 kilometers and I said enough is enough because I was walking and I had no strength. However, the leg was not swollen and was still as good as the other leg .

Five hours after the game ended, the infection resurfaced. “My left leg started to swell and I started to feel hot in my leg. I started to swell, swell, swell until at night my parents told me… we were going back to Barcelona. My parents are doctors, Laura -his girlfriend- It’s a nurse.”

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