Paul Schroeder comments on films! 11 memorable and unfiltered reviews

The author of classic films like Taxi Driver and American Gigolo, Paul Schroeder is outspoken. Here are some recent reviews posted on Facebook.

Paul Schroederfamous American screenwriter and directoris the author of mammoth films such as Taxi driver (1976) and wild bull (1980) as well as the director of many famous films such as american gigolo (1980) and later The first reformers – creation under threat (2017) e Card Collector (2021).
Schroeder, in addition to being known as the creator of great cult films, is also known for his often controversial ideas, as well as being a character frank. Indeed, lately he continues to attract the attention of the public not only with his works, but also with his comments on today’s cinema and his unfiltered reviews of the works of his colleagues.

Here are some unfiltered reviews posted by Paul Schrader. on his Facebook profile.

1. Barbiereview by Paul Schroeder

Ken and Barbie -

Starting with a very recent film: here is its review Barbie (2023), directed by Greta Gerwig, highly acclaimed celebrity director, Schrader wrote on Facebook: “Just returned from GRETALANDIA. The world is now his“. In a later post, Schroeder praised Gerwig and his co-writer and partner Noah Baumbach for the film’s script: “Gerwig’s film is great, but he’s one in a thousand. She and Noah were great. Attempts to reproduce them will stumble and fall, well, like Mattel toys.“.

2. Mission Impossible – Paying for Death

Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible: Death Worth -

Another fate instead Mission: Impossible – Paying for Death – Part One (2023) by Tom Cruise, which the American director did not really appreciate. “Commercial offer very tiring. There is no reason why AI, with the right tools, couldn’t write this script.“. Definitely negative feedback.

3. Oppenheimer: Paul Schroeder approves of the film


Instead, only positive words about the new work of Christopher Nolan: Oppenheimer (2023). Here are Schroeder’s words:The best and most important film of this century. If there’s one movie you should see in theaters this year, it has to be Oppenheimer. I’m not a Nolan fan, but this blows doors off their hinges.“. What can I say, an explosive review.

4. asteroid city screenwriter appreciated Taxi driver

Asteroid City - Cinematography

Below is also his review for asteroid city, the latest film by Wes Anderson, which will arrive in Italy in September. Here are the words of the director and screenwriter:City of asteroids. The biggest Wes Anderson movie ever made by Wes Anderson. And for this reason the best. He he took his anti-empathic design style to its core. It’s hard to find a similar movie. “Last Year in Marianske Lazne” (1961) comes to mind. I’m glad he’s doing well (at the box office). Although I don’t know exactly why“.

5. Avatar – Path of Waterreview by Paul Schroeder

Avatar 2: Waterway -

Short as funny, even a review Avatar: Path of Water, the second chapter of James Cameron’s gigantic work. Films Schrader commented: “The film has begun. There was something interesting on the screen. And after the end of the movie. This is my review.” Bull’s-eye.

6. Babylon it was not rated by Paul Schrader

Babylon Margot Robbie

The fourth opus of Damien Chazelle also did not particularly impress Schrader (La La Land; Whip; First man). The American director did not seem to appreciate the film’s historical inaccuracies: “There are many things in Babylon, but Well Researched is not one of them.. After reading numerous artfully crafted articles on the director’s voluminous “studies”, I was bewildered. Do any film historians agree with me on the supposed historicity of the film?

7. Boston strangler

Boston Strangler 2023 reasons to watch

We continue the review Boston strangler, available in Italy on Disney+ starring Keira Knightley. “(Movie) Amazing TV, and even if it touched some keys that hurt me. 1) Green as a stereotypical color for crime dramas 2) Flawless classic cars 3) Drone shots of the city 4) Fog filters“.

8. Emily’s crimes (not to be confused with Emily in Paris), reviewed by Paul Schroeder

Emily's Crimes -

Positive sides instead of commentary on the movie Emily’s crimes (2022), film starring Aubrey Plaza, star of the HBO series. White Lotus. Funny how Schroeder thought the movie was a Netflix series. Emily in Paris starring Lily Collins.

I didn’t pay attention to Emily the criminal because I somehow confused her with Emily in Paris. So I missed it. When I later realized that these were two different films, I watched it. What an impressive directorial debut! Confident, smart, in constant narrative development. Writer/director John Patton Ford is the real Jones. So I went through a bunch of interviews he gave. Impressive“.

9. emancipation

Emancipation - Cinematography

ABOUT emancipation (2022), a film directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Will Smith, the director wrote on Facebook: “I’m no expert on Civil War films, but it’s hard to imagine a more meticulous and brutally realistic battle sequence like the Union Jacks at the end. Are there competitors?Schroeder then responded to a fan by writing in the comments:Very well done. Monochromatic in themes and palette, and endlessly brutal. Impressive achievement“.

10. Last of us: Paul Schroeder refuses to watch zombies

Last of us;

Moving on to the series, here’s a review of it Last of usthe famous HBO show starring Pedro Pascal and an adaptation of an equally famous video game.

“You should definitely see this,” my friend told me. “But,” I told them, “this is a zombie show.” “Yes,” they replied, “but it’s really good.” I watched. And, of course, at the 35th minute of the first episode, zombies roam the streets. So I turned it off. “But you have to watch the third episode,” my friend replied. And I did. It was a super sentimental, euthanizing, melodramatic gay bro episode (at least there were no undead). What am I missing?What can I say, he was definitely not impressed.

eleven. George and Tammy

George and Tammy;

Continuing the series, Paul Schroeder also had a few words about the series. George and Tammy, a series airing on Paramount+ starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain as famed country music couple George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Here is his review. “As a fan of country music, I approached the series with trepidation. Here’s the good news: music. Here’s the not-so-great news: The plot is basically trouble, fights, and sex.“.

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