Paul Walker’s daughter, led to the altar by Vin Diesel! Meadow Walker got married

Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker, got married, and Vin Diesel led her to the altar as a godfather, with several actors from the cast of Fast and Furious taking part in the event.

Meadow Walker married in the presence of her father’s friends, Paul Walker

Meadow Walker, who became a successful model at the age of 22, announced on Friday, October 22, that she and Louis Thornton-Allan were married. “We got married”!” she wrote on her Instagram account, along with a video made from a compilation of images from the event.

In the montage posted on Instagram, Meadow hugged Jordana Brewster, 41 years old, while the actress who played with the young bride’s father was the one who, according to tradition, lifted the veil from her head.

All this time, from the images, Vin Diesel “watched” the event, after leading to the altar the daughter of his best friend, retired next to the vintage car that was then used by the newlyweds.

However, from the publicly presented images, Meadow Walker and her husband, Louis Thornton-Allan, had a wedding attended only by the two’s closest friends, but also by a few relatives.

Meadow Walker got engaged in the summer

Discreet on the way about her personal life, Meadow Walker announced, however, in August, also on her Instagram account, that she got engaged to the actor Louis Thornton-Allan, a 41-year-old man.

  Paul Walker's daughter
Paul Walker’s daughter, led to the altar by Vin Diesel Instagram photo

Specifically, at the time, Paul Walker’s daughter showed off her engagement ring, a diamond jewel, even though she introduced Louis Thornton-Allan as her best friend. However, the American press discovered that, in fact, the two had been in love since June of this year, when the actor posted a photo with Meadow Walker on the couch in his house.

But now, after, according to the American press, she also spoke with Vin Diesel, but also with other friends of her late father about Louis Thornton-Allan, Meadow Walker married the actor with whom she has a summer relationship.

Meadow Walker lost her father at 15. Paul Walker died in a terrible accident

Meadow Walker, the daughter of Paul Walker with the ex-girlfriend of the Hollywood star, Rebecca Soteros, was left without a father at almost 15 years old, exactly eight years ago, when the star of the Fast and Furious movie series had a terrible car accident.

However, although Paul Walker had died, Meadow came into the care of his friend, Vin Diesel, and the two often presented themselves as a real family.

“She considers Vin Diesel and his children as a family and relies on their help.”, said, for the American press, a close relative of the family of Hollywood stars. However, Meadow Walker did not forget to take care of the memory of his father, who died due to the terrible car accident, which is why even now, eight years after his death, he responds to letters from his fans and keeps in touch with friends. to Paul Walker.

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