Paula Prendes and her kidney disease: What is pyelonephritis?

by publishing in alser federal journalan association against kidney disease, Paula Prenders shared his problem with him urinary system. During the conversation, the host recounted how she faced a somewhat unknown infection, pyelonephritis. By doing this, it helps to increase its popularity.

this actor revealed that he had been infected with the virus up to seven times in a lifetime, although it’s been a while since I’ve had it. “I was going through a really bad time, I hadn’t suffered from it in years, but I became very worried because They have been unable to tell me its origin’,” Prenders stressed. This meant she was unable to prevent her disease and led to her being confronted with her on multiple occasions.

Pyelonephritis: causes and symptoms

pyelonephritis means Infect It starts in the urinary tract.In subjects with this disease, there is bacteria in urinemicrobes found in anal or vaginal Eventually spread to organs of the urinary system, such as kidney.In other cases, they can also produce the disease bacteria like fungus.

Generally, people with this disorder experience the following symptoms: low back pain, vomiting, fever and malaisein addition to the characteristic symptoms of other diseases that may cause this condition, such as if it is pain when urinating Cystitis, For example.may also exist blood in the urine Or wanting to go to the bathroom sometimes when there is nothing to evacuate.

We must distinguish between two types, which may present different symptoms. on the one hand, acute pyelonephritis It happens when it pops up, most importantly, it’s caused by other health conditions, on the other hand, chronic pyelonephritis.

If the infection is not treated well and progresses further, the kidneys may be severely affected and worsen the diagnosis. In the chronicle, morphology Organ changes can vary greatly, inflammation and scarring, causing permanent kidney damage. This diagnosis can also be made if the patient has had multiple episodes of acute pyelonephritis. In this case, it may or may not cause some of the symptoms mentioned, such as fever.

Can pyelonephritis be treated?

Generally speaking, Non-pregnant women without urinary tract problems They are the social group most commonly affected by the disease.There are some risk factors that increase your chances of getting the disease, such as have a weakened immune system or have diabetes. Once this disease occurs, it must be treated as soon as possible to avoid serious complications.To end the infection, usually antibiotic treatment.

if you want reduce riskhave a kidney infectionIt’s important not to hold back the urge go to the bathroom and drink a lot of water Remove bacteria from the body more effectively.Additionally, we must Carefully clean our intimate areas Use the appropriate product and urinate after maintenance sexual intercourse. In this way, we will avoid the urinary tract infection that could have caused Prentice to suffer.

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