Paula Rivero scores well at Junior Pan Am

The young missionary athlete competing in squash is in Buenos Aires competing with athletes from all over the continent. He won his first individual match and is waiting to compete in mixed doubles.

young missionary Paula Rivero Continued rapid growth.He is currently participating in the Pan American Junior Championships in Pilar with athletes from Pilar Bolivia, Canada, Ecuador, Paraguay, United States, Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Peru. This Sunday, she won her first singles match.For the rest of the day, he will wait to compete in the mixed doubles Second portable device.

Paula Rivero details her preparations in conversation channel 12. “The training intensity is quite high. Whether in Misiones or Mar del Plata, I prepared everything possible with my doubles partner.’, he pointed out.

Preachers were and are active in 2023 in related competitions. “The year is coming, and the momentum is strong. First the South American team, then the senior Pan American team in Cartagena, and now this. Then there will be a couple of national championships,” he said.

Finally, the athlete spoke about the importance of the habits she used in previous competitions. “I started practicing at the age of eight and at 11 I won my first South American medal. After so much competition and preparation, listening to music helps me focus and motivate myself“, he claimed.

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