Paw Patrol: Little Heroes Against Disability, The High-Tech Pups Hollywood Loves

Empowerment explained – well – to the kids. It could be a synopsis of PAW Patrol, the preschool cartoon from Spin Master Entertainment that first became a TV and then cinematic phenomenon (Paw Patrol: Super Movie comes out September 23). The main characters are Ryder, a ten-year-old boy with a passion for technology, and his unique emergency response team, consisting of six high-tech puppies. In fact, each of them stands out for its specialty and has certain technological equipment. They all live together in a tower on top of a hill, and at the first call for help, they come to lend a helping hand. “Paw Patrol is about empowerment,” confirms producer Jennifer Dodge, “because it’s about little heroes doing great things.” It is no coincidence that the motto of the team is: “For a brave puppy, no work is tiring.” “I never imagined a success of this magnitude,” admits creator and designer Keith Chapman, “puppy missions start small, like helping the inhabitants of Adventure Bay, and then turn into big adventures, even if the characters continue their weaknesses and value remains at the heart of the series. friendship.” The success is backed by numbers: the brand is celebrating ten years and ten TV seasons (the last one in Italy, in the fall, about Nick Jr.), a bunch of gadgets, and a movie released in 2021. The result is in the box. the office totaled $150 million worldwide. The hype is such that many stars have declared themselves fans of PAW Patrol: Mila Kunis made sure to always watch it with her children, and for Keira Knightley, PAW Patrol is “children’s bait” as much as it is addictive. Healthy addiction. The series, in addition to teaching about helping others, is also extremely inclusive. For example, Rex, the first puppy with a disability, joined the team: he has only two legs, and he moves thanks to a wheelchair. “We wanted disabled children to be able to identify with one of our heroes. Rex is so loved that the toy version of him is sold out in stores,” explains Dodge. And the Rubble & Crew spin-off will also feature a prosthetic character to be even more inclusive.

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