PC games Borderlands 3 Go to Steam in March of This year, make a Note of the date!


Borderlands 3. (Gearbox Software)

Hitekno.com – PC games Borderlands 3 was the first Version of the Epic Games Store for the time-exclusive. Completed the deal, this game will present to steam.

As is known, Borderlands 3 is one of many PC games-deal time exclusive from Epic Games Store.

The good news, Borderlands 3 will be presented to c, and the steam, after a deal completed. No other round in March.

The originally announced time exclusive PC games of this in the Epic Games Store is 1 year. But finally shortened to only 6 months.

Confirmed Borderlands 3 on Steam on the 13th of March 2020. And pages of sales on Steam has also been enabled.

Borderlands 3. (Gearbox Software)
Borderlands 3. (Gearbox Software)

Although there are already a sales opened a page on Steam, unfortunately, Gearbox Software and 2K has not yet revealed how much the price of PC games this.

In the Epic-Games-Shop Borderlands 3 44,99 dollars, or approximately Usd 650 thousand estimated. But the games are action RPG’s often a discount.

How, when this news was written, Borderlands 3, a 50% discount on the Epic games to get the price to Save so that only 29,49 USD or Usd 321 thousand.

Borderlands 3 is officially on the 13. September, 2019. When it was launched, for the Epic Games store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Borderlands 3. (Gearbox Software)
Borderlands 3. (Gearbox Software)

Game action-RPG is also getting a positive response. Even in a couple of nominations for awards.

If you expect that the presence of a PC game on Steam? Or buy Borderlands 3 in the Epic games Store?