Peccato is Marta Tenaglia’s new single for Costello Records

marta tenaglia
New single out today Friday 16th June for Costello’s Records
Listen to it here:

Sin Cover and photo Marta Tenaglia – PH: Irene Trancosi CEO: Facciocepunto Styling: Laura Maria Tonelli

An unmistakable and velvety sound, scratched by electronic splinters that sink into a seductive and enveloping beat.

Sin is the new single from Marta Tenaglia out Friday June 16 for Costello Records, A second taste of the album coming in 2023, thanks to the support of Italia Music Lab.

Listen to it here:

The Milani singer-songwriter returns to the scene and slugs it out. With an increasingly defined and personal style, Martha Tenaglia He gives us a song that slips, soft and shiny as silk, and with the derisive grin of someone who has understood a rival’s intentions, slips and runs off in new directions.

“All summer, evening barely settled, dazed by the heat and sweetness of idleness, I found myself defenseless, while avoiding Sin slipped into my mind like a forbidden thought”, says martha, ,It was fun writing a catchy pop song, I think I’d do it again.”

After 2022 release watch where you goversatile and multifaceted debut album with which he officially began his artistic career, and closed the year after the publication poetic/manifestoThe first glimpse into the world of the new album, the artist returns with a song with a pop attitude, but which does not lose the refined and original soul that distinguishes his sonic world.

A song that once again turns the cards on the table and leaves the artist’s comfort zone, affirming his willingness and ability to continuously engage and inquire, to explore new avenues, even That unexpected too. All this while staying true to himself, that solid and composed of a thousand sonic facets able to reassemble between his soft, whispered and very deep vocal beats with lyrics that are intense, true, immediate and poetic at the same time. for recognizable sound.

artistic world of martha It is a continuous research, which takes him deeper and deeper and works on contradictions, on inconsistency, on complexity.

It wants to be in constant motion, in constant development and revolution.

You can stick with it, try to confine it within one scene, one genre, but the climax brings in some unexpected element that makes pigeonholing impossible.

credit Sin

produced by Federico Carrillo and Marta Tenaglia
is registered on Monalisa Studio
mixed by federico carillo
mastered by John Versari

Basic lesson

if i accidentally touch
your fingers
shake, skin, dua lipa
what does she know
that you exist but
it will already be here
That’s enough
i have rules
the first of which is
don’t think about you
The other one is bitch cause it takes me back to boh, what is this?
call it love or addiction
or passion
everything is wrong with you
how forbidden would be
even just a little kiss ah
oh what a beautiful sin
decorum, honor, decorum
i don’t even know how to write it now
emotionally illiterate
i can’t handle you
But what rules?
but it was simple
don’t think about you
i could leave if i had
sometimes wise thoughts
But the light of reason is no substitute
not a meter away from you
If I don’t say it, I drown
kiss me on the neck again
one way only
it’s already day
Prakash knocks but he can’t enter here
In the temple of forbidden time, already sacred
Or I dreamed about it, very bad.
everything is wrong with you
how forbidden would be
even just a little kiss ah
oh what a beautiful sin


Martha Tenaglia is a Milanese singer-songwriter. His journey began with the release of “Bonsai” in the autumn of 2020, and then continued with four other singles: Ventilator, Alda Merini Center Forward, Osmanto and Chi Puo, A Way That Landed Her On Several Playlists Including The Iconic new music friday italy To be selected in playlists by Spotify, and by YouTube Music women are on the riseOn the occasion of International Women’s Day. With his third single, Elda Merini Center Forward (The track was included among the Most Beautiful Songs of 2021 by LifeGate Radio), was MTV New Generation’s Artist of the Month, and the video clip for the song enters rotation on MTV Music. Many people have noticed his talent: alessio bertlot Casa Bertlot has hosted her songs several times within the program, while last summer the illustrator and composer Alessandro Baronciani invited her to perform in his show. When everything turned blue

With the fourth single, osmanthus, Marta has entered the sights of Spotify’s EQUAL Italia which has started supporting her journey. A live video was also taken of the song recorded in the new radio lab of alessio bertlot For Mi Side Project in the Central Market in Milan.

With these first four releases, the artist has made herself known and appreciated and her style has become increasingly precise and refined. The fusion between his whispering and very deep voice and his music the size of a thousand electronic splinters shot in very distant trajectories capable of being reconstructed into a solid and recognizable sound has become a veritable trademark.

Together who canfifth single, martha She went further, opening her intimacy to the complexity of what was all around her, to deal with the concept of privilege with awareness without forgetting self-criticism. The song has enjoyed a number of prominent digital placements including playlists new music friday italy And Fresh Finds Italy by Spotify, cover of New R&B by Radial on both Spotify and Apple Music, breaking news And i am woman by Amazon Music and C.Recommended New Songs, The Mix, New Italian Singles and New Singles dI tide Its official video premiered in Vogue.

His debut album release in May 2022 see where it goesEspecially presented at the Mi AMI Festival in Milan, it received an excellent response from the public and the press.

during summer and autumn 2022 martha Plays with Boot and presents the physical release of the debut album in Milan at Casina Nascosta in September.

Video clip for early December 2022 Ikea, the disc’s opening track, premiered on Soundwall and was selected by MTV for television rotation within the MTV New Zone. Presents December 30, 2022 poetic/manifestoThe track that will open his next album to be released in 2023 with the support of Italia Music Lab. A new single is released on June 16, 2023, Sin,

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