Pedri and Bernardo Silva pairing stays

Saudi Arabia has gained a reputation in the football world this summer Based on unmatched signings and investmentsbut there are also players they can’t convince Leave their club. Robert Lewandowski and Kevin De Bruyne They are the latest examples.

FC Barcelona forward He would rather continue fighting for the most important titles than enjoy a golden retirement in Asian countries.Exactly the same move he made last year, when Put pressure on Bayern Munich with the aim of getting him transferred to Barcelona entity.

Despite having just turned 35, the Pole’s ambition seems unchanged and his numbers and consistency prove it. He scored 23 goals in his first season in La Liga.He gave out 7 assists He became Pedri’s best partner. Together they produced the best moves of Xavi Hernandez’s side’s offense. that’s why, The Canary’s absence hurt him and his performance declined. Because he doesn’t have the best passer behind him.The striker has not had a great start to the season as he has failed to score or perform well in his first two games in the Spanish league, but Upon his return, he scored two decisive goals against Villarreal and Osasuna. He is an essential player in the team’s XI and in the game.

Say no to petrodollars

The shutdown of markets in Saudi Arabia prompted a review of the Asian country’s achievements over the summer, which highlighted names such as Karim Benzema and Neymar, but also Many more stars declined their invitations. They are not attracted to Cristiano Ronaldo.Kevin De Bruyne joins list that also includes Griezmann, Messi and Bernardo Silva.Two Manchester City players have decided stay in europe Work hard to make your sports career shine even more.

Belgians don’t even want to hear it Leaving Guardiola’s team, although he is 32 years old, his contract runs until’s happening nowAt present, because he is seriously injuredand He cannot form a couple with Bernardo Silva On the right flank of England’s attack. After Gundogan and Mahrez left, It takes three consecutive champions in the toughest competition.

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