Pedro Almodóvar, director of “Desire”

HAPPENING TODAY – Best wishes to Oscar-winning director Pedro Almodóvar, who turns 72 today, September 24th. His latest work will appear on Italian screens from September 21st. Strange way of life with Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal.

Pedro, Pedro Pedro Pe…. It would be appropriate to sing it, like the famous song of Raffaella Carra, to congratulate the brilliant, dreamy, nonconformist, paradoxical director on his birthday All about my mother, Pedro Almodóvar. If you wanted to know everything about it, it would be enough to see the beauty Pain and glory. A film that represents a piece of him amarcordwith a magnificent Antonio Banderas, in a memorable performance as a director in crisis (a sort of alter ego of Almodovar himself), and Penelope Cruz is entrusted with the role of a beloved mother. This is, of course, reality mixed with fiction, as the director explains.

Desire and cinematic fiction are fundamental parts of history…. Fiction and life are two sides of the same coin, and life always includes pain and desire.

As I write, I hold in my hands one of my favorite books. Volume Frederick Schrauss Pedro Almodovar, all about me (Cahiers du Cinema- Lindau). Desire is the key to understanding his cinema, I read and quote

The wish of someone who wanted to become a film director in the seventies. A forcibly lonely desire, plowing its furrow, stimulates a movement accompanied by other desires and which never ceases to intensify in order to assert itself.

His latest work is already out on screens on September 21. Strange way of life short western film Ethan Hawke AND Pedro Pascal. Presented at the last Cannes Film Festival and recently at the Italian preview at Film Festival at the Villa Medici in Rome. Another story of giving up desire. but one cannot escape his law.

Ethan Hawke – the main character of the series “Strange Life”

Photos taken from Cannes Film Festival IG profile.

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