Pedro Troglio, intimate: his dream in San Lorenzo, why he accepted and how he arrived

The brand new DT of the Cyclone told details of everything that generated his arrival at the institution. “It is a great club and I am living it day by day,” he said.


Pedro Troglio, brand new coach of San Lorenzo, provided a intimate interview which included all the details of his arrival at the institution: how it was given and why you accepted the offer. He also spoke of what is your dream in the club.

“I got together on the 27th at 7:00 with Matías (Lammens), on the 28th he already made me meet Mauro (Cetto) and that same night everything indicated that it was going to be me”, started.

“After the 29th it was confirmed. It was all very fast”added DT dialogue with the Official Channel of San Lorenzo.

Why did you accept San Lorenzo’s offer

“I had not planned to stay in Argentine soccer, but a possibility like this is very difficult not to accept. In three years I will have seen my wife six months and my oldest children, three. The pandemic made me be alone for eight months, I lost my father and I was outside, that is, I could not be at the farewell. I have my big mother here. So this offer gave me the possibility of being able to have the life that I want to have close to my family and what better than in a club like San Lorenzo “, expressed DT.

His dream in San Lorenzo

“It is an honor to be here, it is a great club and I am living it every day. I’m excited. You have to try to transmit good vibes, regardless of whether we are good or bad. I do not tell what happened before. I hope that all the people can start from scratch with me. My dream is to be able to stay a long time “he declared.

Later, the technician spoke about the people of the Cyclone. “This is not to sell smoke”, he assured laughing and added: “Lhe best songs in Argentine soccer came from this crowd. “

Pedro Troglio

His family and how football changed his life

First of all, Troglio assured that it is “cAs shown: humble, clear and loyal. “ And I add: “When I leave a club, I like to leave and be told that I am a good guy. That is what I settle for.”

Then, following that line, the DT got emotional when talking about his father. “I am grateful to what I do because football changed my life, I was able to tell my old man at 70 not to work anymore and That was the best thing that could have happened to me. It was very strong. He did not speak only of economics when he said that it changed my life and my family, but life itself “, manifested.

His memory of Diego Maradona

“He started out being my idol, then I was teammates and we ended up being friends. Life with Diego was impressive. I am not very objective to talk about him and logically I do not share many of the situations that he has lived, but for those of us who were next to him it was fantastic. It hurts my soul what happened and the way it left “, sentenced.

Photo: San Lorenzo

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