Pedrosa admits ‘I dream of getting on the podium’

With the permission of the champion Jorge Martin, the Man of the Year Marco Simoncelli from the World International Circuit of Misano-Adriatico has been awarded Danny Pedrosa The grand press conference at Red Bull Energy Station is clear proof of this. His notorious shyness in public prevented him from having as much fun as he could. After five seasons without being a star driver, he was 190 thousandths away from the podium. “Yeah, that’s cool,” he concluded.

“Yes, I dream of a podium. I ride the bike and think to myself: ‘What if this is a podium’. At the same time, Peco defends very well in the corners. He is very reserved when braking Driving, braking very hard.” Late. He left me with very little wiggle room. Maybe Binder, with his aggressiveness, would have put the motorcycle in anyway, but I didn’t feel that loose at that moment. I wasted a little time there and that’s why Binder caught us. Overall, “very happy with the game,” little samurai

On his expectations at Misano this weekend, he said: “To be honest, I don’t know what to expect because we arrived after the race in Jerez where active riders have been racing. Also, we have to adapt’ Qualifying,” they were very explosive and luckily we were doing really well and we were on the second row, which has changed the start, the first lap and so on. If for some reason you get a yellow flag from the officials, things like that are out of your control and they can punish you and you no longer start on the second line and your career changes. So, we’re open to whatever happens. We never thought this was going to be this or that. “

Asked whether he would have been more active in trying to overtake Bagnaia if he had not become a test rider, as he would have become a regular in the world championships, he admitted “possibly, because you are more used to overtaking, used to riding” Side by side, you don’t want to influence”.

He has been cautious about whether he can try again for a podium in Sunday’s race: “I don’t know, but we will try tomorrow.”

They even compared his return to Michael Jordan’s return to basketball after his dalliance with baseball. “Gosh, it’s strong to compare yourself to Jordan, but thank you. I don’t know. I can’t answer that on a personal level because it’s so egotistical. The only thing I can tell you is that now that I’ve At this age, if I start thinking about the day Rossi won his last race (at Assen in 2017 when he was 38 years and 129 days old, but didn’t retire until he was 42).

“Putting myself in the shoes of a 37-year-old, I realize it’s a very difficult thing to do. I think other riders who continue their sporting careers in the future will also understand that. Six or seven years ago, I, let’s say, I There’s not enough emphasis on the fact that they’re capable of winning at that age. Now that I have it and I’m starting to play some games again and you’re ahead of the younger guys, for someone in their early twenties, I really put a lot of emphasis on that. Now I say, “Running at that age, at that level, is harder than it was when you were younger. There is no doubt about this. “Danny said.

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