Pemex operates in the phase of maximum emergency coronavirus


Staff Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) already operates in ‘Phase four’ or maximum emergency, toue to the epidemic of coronavirus in the country.

Starting this Monday, in the facilities of the national oil should only attend the 10 percent of the persons who carry out administrative work, 25 percent of those who engage in work field -mainly intended for monitoring – and the 40 percent of your operating personnelin accordance with middle and high the company.

Until the 13 of march, Pemex was operating under the ‘Phase two’ (out of a total of four), according to a trade the company’s internal state. This included measures such as instructing the staff, of presenting signs and symptoms to go to the doctor, and adhere to the indications on human resources in terms of schedules, deferred entry, exit, food,among others.

The ‘Phase four’, said in that same office, should be activated in the presence of at least one case of death due to the virus in Mexico, which happened on the 19th of march last.

This phase includes sending medical care to any suspected case in places of work; to strengthen the preventive measures institutional to the contagion or transmission of COVID-19; adhere to the measures of hygiene and isolation indicated by the health service, institutional and the suspension of activities in work centers that are classified as non-essential, or to maintain essential staff for operational continuity.

They sent just last week to vulnerable people (home) and are already giving home office areas, ” said a source to the interior of the oil company who requested anonymity.

“Since days ago was reduced by the presence of workers. It is taking care of the health of workers, including the director-general, implement all measures that establishes the National Day of Healthy Distance,” said another company source.

The national oil has not offered information on what is the status of their workers, and how the pandemic will affect their activities. Nor has it been given to know whether they will reduce the production of crude oil or its refinery, as have other companies at the international level.

A document the company reports that it has already implemented shifts cyclic between their workers in accordance with each line of business.

Companies that work with Pemex consulted explained that they are applying the same protocol as the oil, but refused to give more details about this.

“Many of the fields are managed by companies. They were asked to adopt mitigation measures, but that is ciñeran to the protocols of security and operational reliability”, said a source at Pemex.

“The companies that operate wells yes are seeing the way of working under such a catastrophic scenariothere are protocols that they must ensure that, by natural disasters, they should put emergency personnel and trained”, he explained.

A week ago, the General Hospital of Ciudad del Carmen announced the first case of an employee of Pemex who was infected after traveling abroad.

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