Peña II and Mariz Curena II have more revolutions

They won 0-13 to earn a place in the final of the Aste Nagusia Hand Tournament. At the moment when Peña II and Mariz Curena II warmed up, the semi-finals of the Baiko branch had only one color on the pitch of the Vizcaya striker. They have more revolutions. Given the dominance of the Beriozar defender and the fine moment (9-22) that the Tolosa forward is going through, there is little that Urrutico Tecia and Imaz can do this afternoon.

Team Peña II’s third finale, currently full. He won the La Blanca and Bizkaia team championships and earned Cuatro y Medio points. The Gipskoans are having a great summer. Larazabal, who played Thursday’s bout due to a hand problem, was signed again for a serious duel. He takes full advantage of the gaps defenders create for him. Maritz Kurena II was a bit skeptical at first with his left foot, but by the time he got his footing, he had put the ball into the nine on a number of occasions, causing Imaz a lot of problems. The player from Oiartzun worked on returning the very complicated ball to the front, but he had to bow to the evidence. Urrutikoetxea has overtaken him and lost his prestige. He was active in the first half of the game, but then he was forced to focus more on defense.

Just looking at the data is enough to see that the moment the Blues stepped on the accelerator, they reached a cruising speed unmatched by their opponents. Peña II scored a dozen goals, kicked three and made just as many turnovers in the first half. Mariezkurrena II scored half of his partner and lost two. With those numbers, it’s impossible for them to miss a game.

The chairman clearly chose the Blues, and while the Reds gave some emotion in their clash on the equator, the favourites’ dominance was undisputed in the second half. The conflict took only 47 minutes and scored 391 goals, and has now entered the sentencing stage.

In the confrontation that opened the festival, the equality was much greater. Artola and Aranguren defeated Jaka and Morgaetxebarria (20-22).

Elordi, come over this Friday

The Aste Nagusia Championship has concluded in Biscay. In addition to the failure in Urrutico Texia, we must add that this Friday (6:30 pm) Elodi will be absent with gastroenteritis and a sub-zero fever. Instead, Aspe had programmed Ezkurdia to use Zabaleta against Altuna III and Rezusta. The Navarras beat forwards Amez Keita and Mattia (22-20) in front of Ergoibar this afternoon. The Etzeren defender has scored eight goals and made the same number of turnovers.

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