Penelope Cruz welcomes the fall season with freshly dyed blonde hair and a shag cut.

While the UK once again begrudgingly enjoys unprecedented rain (trust me, I’m rolling my eyes), Penelope Cruz is bringing some much-appreciated warmth to our feeds with her freshly dyed ‘blonde’ hair.

As part of the new GEOX fashion campaign, the Spanish actor debuts a new hair color for the fall season. A recent video of the shoe brand was shared on social media, and Penelope’s hair colorist Matt Rez also shared a short clip to showcase her look and his work.

In the caption of his post, Matt calls the lighter shade “sunshine hair” and notes that Penelope’s locks also got a little trim. “Cut by Adam Campbell,” he wrote.

As shown in the photo, loose, textured lion’s mane curls are all the rage.

This isn’t the first time this year that the Pirates of the Caribbean star has updated her hairstyle. A few months ago in March, accompanied by our regular Berries and Cream ambassador Lisa Rinna, Penelope traveled to France to attend Paris Fashion Week and the Chanel show.

Of course, she looked as chic as ever in a feathered tweed blazer dress, but our eyes were naturally drawn to her chest-length locks.

Admittedly, the next hairstyle isn’t a dramatic bleach-dyed bob cut a la Kourtney Kardashian, but at the time she certainly welcomed the change as the spring season progressed. For comparison, here is Penelope’s hair in early October 2022:

Penelope Cruz tiramisu blonde best moments

Beatriz Velasco – Getty Images

And this was her first encounter with mixed caramel highlighters (March 7, 2023):

Penelope Cruz tiramisu blonde best moments

Stefan Cardinale – Getty Images

Penelope Cruz tiramisu blonde best moments

Pierre Su – Getty Images

For this makeover, Penelope’s hairstylist decided to keep her natural mocha brunette shade at the roots while adding the warmth of honey-blonde highlights at the ends. This provides not only a stylish color palette, but also low maintenance.

So, that’s two photos of (almost) blonde hairstyles that you can show your salon stylist for the price of one. A win-win if you ask us!

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