‘Penny Dreadful: City of Angels’: The thousand faces of Natalie Dormer in this video behind the scenes – News series


The actress of ‘Game of thrones’ stars in the expected ‘spin-off’, which premieres on April 27.

Natalie Dormer takes the helm in City of Angels, the ‘spin-off’ of Penny Dreadful. In the new fiction, plays Magdaa demon with the ability to shape-shift and take the appearance of a human being. As a show of their powers, Showtime has released a video behind the scenes of the process by which has had to spend Dormer usual way to become the protagonist.

In this way, we see how Magda takes the form of three different characters. On one hand we have to Alex– the secretary of the city council member (Michael Gladis), a woman who has delighted the actress: “Simply, I love Alex. It has zero vanity”. We also found Elsaa “delicate” German woman “with a lot of ambition”. Its plot is linked to that of Dr. Craft to the interpretation of Rory Kinnear. On the opposite side is Riothe most stylish of the group. An elegant woman with a strong character who leads the gang of Pachucos. “If you thought that the youth revolution was in the 60’s, you’re wrong, it was in the 30”.

The actress ensures that this characteristic feature of Magda was what attracted you to the character and would love to be able to interpret so many different roles. “The dangers of demagoguery, demonization of others, what is humanity selfish and prejudiced in a manner innate, or there is something fundamentally good in the human being? It is a series with large philosophical issues, a show incredibly entertaining,” explains the interpreter.

‘Penny Dreadful: City of Angels’: release Date, trailer and details of the ‘spin-off’

The first season of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels it consists of eight episodes and will begin airing on Showtime starting on April 26. In Spain, Movistar+ issue the fiction on April 27, simultaneously with the united States.