PEOPLE: Aya Nakamura shows off her curves in a bikini : the visitors in the spell


Currently on vacation, Aya Nakamura inflamed Instagram revealing her perfect figure in a tiny bikini-yellow. What is crazy his fans.

The time of the holiday rang the bell for Aya Nakamura. While more than 740 000 students are currently working on the first of the written exams of the Abitur, the singer of 24 years, to a Paradise for travelers. The dream holiday that it is, of course, not failed to share with her a million subscribers on Instagram. If it has not wished, to be the resort, the famous artist from private persons from this time, the pose in azure has blue water with a cocktail in hand. But this is another detail that the attention of the Internet users.

So that you, the ignited sun, Aya Nakamura, the counter “likes” it reveals her beautiful curves in a bikini-yellow especially crenate. A without-fault, according to his admirers, and admirers, were several thousand of the cover of compliments on the social network. “I have a dream to have a woman like you”, one of them wrote. “Goddess of the Islands “, commented another. “Oh my god, what creatures Aya “, “You’re the eighth wonder of the world”, you can also read, under publication. Either in the bowls or on the canvas, the new star of the GNI of French is undisputed.