People deny the question that Freddie Mercury sang

Freddie Mercury, displaying all his talent in Knebworth (Pete Still / Redferns)
Freddie Mercury, displaying all his talent in Knebworth (Pete Still / Redferns)

Because he sang that it was not his time or place and who would want to live forever …

I don’t know if he succeeded. Because after 30 years, the validity of this singer of I do not know how many octaves of registers, of his concern to fuse different musical rhythms, overwhelming personality singing and offering all his physical and vocal capacity on stage, make it difficult to think that he is not among us.

Luckily, there are files that with technology have brought us official audio and video recitals of the Rainbow, Hammersmith Odeon ’74, after “he has gone on tour.”

They will surely appear from the official News Of The World Tour (I have seen some excellent quality bootlegs) and from others that we will delight in those discoveries of archives that over time, are already treasures for the followers of those bands without time (examples are unnecessary and are very close as the series that will be released on The Beatles, promising another look at a time of the Fab Four).

Said by him, he was going to have a short life because he was always full.

What I don’t know is if it took on a dimension that, after 30 years, people live it eternally. It continues to have its place and, apparently, timeless, because its artistic legacy sounds for every day, these, of our lives and future.


30 years after the death of Freddie Mercury: a long agony, intense pain and fear of the press

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