People joke by be called as coronavirus… until you get sick


Sankt Corona am Wechsel, Austria, joked that had the same name as the coronavirus, all the laughter ended when the virus came to town


The inhabitants of the town of Sankt Corona am Wechsel, Austria, joked at the fact of being called like the COVID-19, but the coincidence of days ago that it no longer causes laughter.

At the beginning, made us grace to see a virus that is called like the town, but the jokes ended when the epidemic became so serious,” he said Monday to AFP Michael Gruber, the mayor of this village of mountain, located an hour’s drive south of Vienna.

We will likely have to find a new name for the tiny ant that receives the tourists,” he said, referring to the mascot of the village.

This nice ant, called “Crown”, dressed in the local style, you can see in the brochures of the visitors.

In the germanic world, other peoples and chapels bear the name of the Holy Crown, a christian martyr venerated by catholics, which has nothing to do with the new coronavirus.

Located at the foot of mount Kampstein, at 844 m altitude, this town of less than 400 inhabitants live mostly of green tourism.

Gruber is convinced that, within a time, bear the same name that the deadly virus will not have any effect on the patronage of your locality.

I am optimistic,” he said.

Austria recorded the Monday 3.611 cases officially declared for infection with the new coronavirus and 16 dead.

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