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They felt their throats and eyes burn, and immediately ran away, and from the stage Travis Scott, unsuspectingly, continued to sing “Sirens”. At least sixty people were poisoned by a stinging spray evaporating in the crowd last night during the American rapper’s concert at the Circus Maximus in Rome, shortly before the unexpected arrival of Kanye West. “The concert started in just ten minutes,” the audience explained. The intervention of plumbing was also necessary. “The situation was out of control, a lot of people started arguing, they wanted to try to find the culprits, but among all these people it was impossible,” says Antonio, who was there on the grass at the Circus Maximus. People who have climbed over them, others who have pushed to the barriers. He saw it all. Antonio feared, above all, “mass panic” and the fact that someone might be crushed. “I thought about leaving as soon as possible, I was afraid that the attackers were still around,” he adds. Some even complain that “the stewards didn’t want to open the emergency exits so as not to aggravate the situation.” “A lot of people were crying because they couldn’t breathe,” Reuben explains. He and his friends got over the fear, but the others didn’t. “Some say they sprayed it to rob the audience,” the boys explain, and there are fears that the pepper gang may return: the gang, armed with stinging spray, operated during concerts specifically for the purpose of stealing.

Videos posted on social media show rivers of people heading as far as possible, “up the hill.” Alessandro says that he saw how parents lost their children in the crowd, others fainted. Scenes of panic leading up to the tragedy at the Lanterna Azzurra disco in Corinaldo, where on the night of December 7-8, 2018, while waiting for a concert by trapper Sphere Ebbasta, a gang of six young people sprayed pepper spray on people: five dead teenagers and a 39-year-old mother . In fact, the crowd poured out of the emergency exit onto a small ramp, causing the side balustrade to collapse. Dozens of people fell and knocked over the victims. The stampede also resulted in deaths during the annual Astroworld festival in Houston hosted by Travis Scott. Ten people – all between the ages of 14 and 27 – were pressed against the stage during the rapper’s performance, with the crowd pressing after them. “I’m devastated,” Scott commented after the tragedy.

Promoter Travis Scott handled the tense moments well.

“The evening went well thanks to the coordination and collaboration between institutions, law enforcement and Live Nation organizers, with the support of local promoter The Base. The coordinated and collaborative work made it possible to smooth out even those tense moments that arose last night due to a few irresponsible people and which could turn into a potential danger, were eliminated in the best possible way with professionalism and timeliness and prevented thanks to the perfect organization and security mechanism, as it happens on every event big and small,” Travis organizers say. Scott’s concert.

Climbed into the Travis Scott show, fell and hurt himself

To attend a Travis Scott concert at the Circus Maximus, a 14-year-old boy climbed inside the Archaeological Park, on the terrace of the Palatine Hill. To elude the control of the park rangers, he accidentally fell into the pit from a height of about 4 meters. It took the intervention of firefighters to retrieve it. The juvenile was then taken by ambulance to Bambino Gesu. Then the carabinieri of Rome’s Piazza Venezia intervened, identified the 14-year-old and handed him over to his parents: he risked filing a complaint for trespassing on land or buildings.

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