Percy Jackson, new actors on join the cast of the Disney series


The publication of the TV series based on the novels by Percy Jackson and the Olympians gets closer and closer: started in 2020, put into pre-production in 2021 and filmed starting from June 2022, it now reveals the participation of Walker Scobell as lead actor.

To participate will also be Jason Gray-Standfordwho posted the Percy Jackson Disney+ logo on Twitter with the following description: “See you in 2024…” The actor has already participated, among many film and television projects, in Summer of 84, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS – Crime Unit and Bones, but he is certainly not the only star to appear in the product: on another occasion, in fact, the famous Alexandra Daddario praised the new cast of Percy Jackson.

It would appear that Maron will play the satyr who sits on the Council of Elders, aiming to watch over the search for Pan, the lost god in the wilds. However, this character was supposed to appear in the novel The Battle of the Labyrinth, and not in The Lightning Thief (the story arc on which the series is based); such a choice suggests one discrepancy between the paper product and the audiovisual one, or at least a partial readjustment. Equally precocious will be the Greek gods Hermes (Lin-Manuel Miranda) and Hephaestus (Timothy Omundson). In this regard, the producer Becky Riordan herself underlined the presence of some original scenes in order to “improve the logic of the story.

We just have to wait for the release of a product which, changes aside, already seems to have all the credentials to be a great success. But when does the Percy Jacson series come out? Here is the protagonist’s answer.

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