Percy Jackson – New stills from the Disney Plus series

Here are new stills from the upcoming Disney Plus series Percy Jackson and the Olympians!

New images Percy Jackson and the Olympians show some details of the upcoming series. Percy Jacksonwhich debuts on Disney Plus on December 20, is a new adaptation of Rick Riordan’s book series of the same name, which was preceded by two films starring Logan Lerman in 2010 and 2013.

Walker Scobell plays Percy Jackson, a young man who discovers that he is the son of the Greek god Poseidon and is taken to the camp of the children of the gods, where he has adventures with his satyr best friend Grover (Arian Simhadri) and Athena’s daughter Annabeth (Leah Sava Jeffries). .

Entertainment Weekly has shared a gallery of exclusive new stills from the show’s first season. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. In addition to showing off Percy and Annabeth’s armor and Camp Half-Blood uniforms, the gallery also shows the moment in which the two appear to end up in the Tunnel of Love, an important location for the plot.

While Percy was the focus of the first trailer as the main character, Grover and Annabeth play equally important roles in the series, and all three use their different abilities to form a strong, cohesive team that learns and grows together throughout the series . a series of numerous adventures.

All three were also present in the failed original trilogy of films. Percy Jacksonstarring Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth and Brandon T. Jackson as Grover, as well as Logan Lerman’s Percy.

What do you think of these new photos? Who’s ready for the series to air?


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