Perform proof-of-Covid – 19 to a corpse and it’s positive!


The woman died suddenly of respiratory arrest last march 31. Photo: AFP


Sergio Jimenez Urgell, owner of the The directorate for Protection Against Health Risksof the Secretariat of Health, Tabasco, he explained that the third death by Covid-19it was a woman Paradise, who performed the test Covid – 19 after he passed away.

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The official press conference explained that the woman died suddenly of a respiratory arrest last march 31, on his admission to Hospital of High Specialty “Dr. Juan Graham Casasús” already he had a box of pneumonia atypical that was complicated with the type 2 diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure I had.

“His death, and by the indications of the infectologist of the hospital, were offered samples of throat swab and nasopharyngeal carriage, which was sent to the State Laboratory of Public Health, which conducted the molecular analysis, which proved to be positive to Covid-19”, he said.

The results of the test came back that the woman out evening at his home, so that before the confirmation of the positive result, was immediately the health protocols to locate the chain of contacts of the patient, confirmed the official.

The past 28 march, the Ministry of Health of Tabasco launched an agreement for the handling and disposal of corpses , where sets should not perform autopsies on the corpses of people who died due to the infection Covid-19, whether they were cases classified as research, probable, or confirmed.

In addition to specific or allow the contact with the corpse, nor its visualization. The corpse must be in a coffin sealed and the cremation of bodies shall be done within twelve hours after death.

Tabasco register now 71 positive cases of Covid-19 and occupies the fourth place at the national level for the incidence rate of confirmed cases, and according to the same authorities state there are suspected cases in all the municipalities of the state of Tabasco.

Jimenez Urgell also explained that to date they have suspended work in 27 establishments is not essential that they ignored the decree issued by the Government of the state to contain the spread of Covid-19; while 50 more will be made a urge you to comply with the measures of healthy distance and good hygiene.

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