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Dioriviera perfumeFrancis KurkdjianDirector of Dior Fragrance Creation, meets with the growers from Grasse who partner with the House during the rose harvest season. Castle La Col Noir is just a few steps away, you can see sunny landscapes in the distance Riviera. The air is sweet and gentle, like the caress of a Mediterranean spring. The sun is relentless, and exciting scents unfold, dancing with each other.

Something’s about to happen… It’s collection time, a multi-colored carpet of petals sways in the warm wind. The smell of roses is irresistible, bewitching, complex, delicate. The wind dances with flowers and carries them, filling the air with a delicious aroma and
sensual, satiating them. Another note joins, tenacious and sweet. Triumphant and unexpected. Full of contrasts, enveloping and caressing, bitter and intoxicating, it is unmistakable. This is the note coming from the majestic fig tree behind him. From its leaves, warmed by the sun.

Cool and pink. Pink and cool. The duet takes shape: explicit and graceful, sunny and sensual. He still has no goal or real plan. But this is a persistent desire that will remain in him. Like traces of the South that will accompany him for a long time…

“The inspiration from which the Dioriviera trail was born came in Provence, in the middle of a field at the foot of the Domaine de la Col Noire: the southern sun, the blooming Rose of May and a warm breeze blowing through the leaves of a majestic fig tree, the only spectator except me. It was at this magical moment that the desire to give life to a fragrance crystallized within me. Upon returning to Paris, the time of creation began to shape this love at first sight, to outline its olfactory silhouette, to transform this idea into my first fragrance for La Collection Privée. Dioriviera is a radiant olfactory scent that is stunning. With a sunny trail that celebrates the love story of Christian Dior and the French Riviera, it can count on the casual beauty of modern times,” he says. Francis Kurkdjiancreative director of Christian Dior Fragrances.

The inspiration is in the garden, but the composition takes place in Paris. This journey seems almost inevitable in the history of the house, where Christian Dior moved tirelessly between the resurgent South and Avenue Montaigne, the center of his creative activity. With his heart in Provence and his head in Paris, Christian Dior turned this dual nature into the essence of his tenacious, inspired, precise, visionary and revolutionary works.

Soon after this, it was time for Francis Kurkdjian to return to Paris. His desire becomes an obsession, a need to turn this olfactory encounter into an unprecedented trail. The grumbling, intact duo of flowers and fruits reappears. Cool and pink. Pink and cool. Olfactory pas de deux, which at this stage needs to be enriched.

Only after numerous attempts, hesitations and doubts is the point of balance of aroma reached, capable of awakening curiosity and enveloping the senses. We need to tame raw materials, dose ingredients, select varieties, modulate effects.

One gesture after another, the convictions turn into a joyful dialogue in which green, floral and fruity facets resonate, in which warm and sweet notes combine and respond. Breathe, create. Dioriviera was born this way. It is the fruit of an olfactory shock, a dazzling sensory moment.

In his collection, Francis Kurkdjian wanted to capture the light that illuminates faces, smiles, dances, and the sensuality of tanned bodies. It contains everything that Christian Dior was looking for in Provence, a country of heart and refuge, full of serenity. A break and a little rest, the beauty of the gardens and the warmth of laughter are many sources of inspiration for the best return to Paris. A special idea of ​​happiness. Art of Living. The art of being yourself.

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