Perfumes created by stars and celebs, from Rihanna to Billie Eilish

There are now many personalities of the star system who have approached the world of artistic perfumery by creating their own personal fragrances, if not lines of perfumes

Lfirst of all it was Elizabeth Taylor in 1993: then, there were many stars and celebs who approached the world of perfumes and fragrances. To be worn, of course, but also to be created as one’s own taylor made accessories. From David Beckham to Billie Eilishpassing through Jennifer Lopez and even Tilda Swinton. With the help of master perfumers, more and more international personalities measure themselves – and successfully – with the fascinating art of perfume creation.

Perfumes of the stars, those who have created their own, from Rihanna to Billie Eilish

Among the latest highly successful novelties, it dates back to 2021 Fenty Eau de Parfumthe first signed perfume Rihanna. Behind there is not just any signature, but the nose Jacques Cavallier Belletrud (creator of some perfumes of the Louis Vuitton maison). A unisex fragrance, elegant, soft and warm, with notes of magnolia, musk, mandarin, blueberry, Bulgarian rose, geranium and patchouli

In addition to the queen of pop, there were many singers who took on the world of fragrances. Among the most appreciated by Gen Z we find the latest creation by Ariana Grande.

The singer has active as many as 13 perfumes which take their names from his songs, the last of 2021 – the year of the boom in designer fragrances – is God is a Woman: a perfume inspired by the beauty of nature. Noote of pear and amber evolve into a floral heart of Turkish rose and iris petals, on a trail of of vanilla and cedar wood.

The perfumes created by celebs: God is a Woman by Ariana Grande and Fame by Billie Eilish

In the 2021 was Billie Eilish to create his eponymous fragrance Eilish: a sweet and gourmand jus, with sugary notes of vanilla, caramel, spices and cocoa, to then conquer thanks to the heart notes of woods and musk.

In 2022 the second fragrance, Eilish No. 2 (not yet available in Italy) created in collaboration with nose Steve DeMercado. A unisex woody, floral and musky scent. Top notes are apple blossom and bergamot; middle notes are black pepper, papyrus and poppy and finally base notes are palo santo, ebony and vanilla

The perfumes of actresses: the first? Elizabeth Taylor

If we talk about celebrity perfumes, one cannot fail to mention one of the greatest actresses and Divas of all time, namely, Elizabeth Taylor.

One of the first to launch into the world of perfumery: her jus “Diamonds”, – and Emeralds, and Rubies, and Sapphires they are dated (well) 1993. Each perfume was a freebieor to his passion for diamonds, with floral and precious facets like a dream necklace. From white lily to Turkish tosa, jasmine, narcissus to ylang-ylang. Collectible. The last one, White Diamonds Legacy, still exists, dated 2021

The perfumes created by celebs, from Elizabeth Taylor to J.Lo

Among the first actresses to bet on the perfume sector, there is – to the surprise of many – even Tilda Swinton. Hers His Like This was created in 2010 with the help of nose Mathilde Bjaoui. The unexpected fragrance opens on a symphony of citrus notes of yellow mandarin, ginger, helichrysum, and then explode thanks to the notes of neroli, vetiver and musk. The final touch? A hot one note of carrot and pumpkin which make the perfume unusual and at the same time decidedly magnetic. The perfect fragrance if you want to amaze

Gourmand perfumes for JLo, Selena Gomez and Madonna

Launched on the market in 2012 (but currently no longer available, ed) and created in collaboration with the Swiss company Givaudan, also the singer and actress Selena Gomez is part of the celebrities who have created a perfume. Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum it’s a gourmand fragrance, sweet and floralwith notes of peach, raspberry, vanilla and freesia inside

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Not new to the world of beauty, the singer Jennifer Lopez has 32 fragrances to her credit: the last one of 2021 is one. A gourmand fragrance with woody hints of cedar and sandalwood which are sweetened thanks to the presence of jasmine, pink pepper and peach blossom

Instead, it is openly inspired by the famous fragrance Fracras by Robert Piguet the creation of Madonna truth or dare, created in 2012 together with Stephen Nilsen. A white floral scent characterized by notes of tuberose, jasmine, vanilla and amber

Unisex perfumes, inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s children

In 2019 it was instead Michelle Pfeiffer to create the line of fragrances Henry Rose named after her children Claudia Rose Pfeiffer, 26, and John Henry Kelley, 24. After more than 10 years without wearing perfume, the actress decided to create fragrances entirely sustainable: from the ingredients to the 90% recyclable glass up to the cap derived from soy compost.

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Each jus is inspired by its olfactory memory and is absolutely free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, potentially carcinogenic or endocrine disrupting ingredients. The olfactory notes? For example Jake’s House it is woody and flowery, Dark is Night inside it has notes of patchouli and amber, while Torn – Pfeiffer’s favorite – is a tribute to vanilla

Sarah Jessica Parker and Chiara Ferragni: the perfumes of the “It Girls”

Style icon, in addition to the line of shoes (in perfect Carrie Bradshow style) the protagonist of the TV series “Sex and the City”, Sarah Jessica Parker has created 20 fragrances, all in collaboration with some of the most famous master perfumers in the world, from Clement Gavarry, Stephen Nilsen and Yann Vasnier

The most famous fragrance in his collection is Covet (created by Ann Gottlieb and Frank Voelkl) from 2007 an accord of lavender and cocoa. The latest creation of 2022 is instead lovely lights (created together with Laurent Le Guernec) is a white floral scent with musky notes.

And for the Italian super influencer Clare Ferragni? The digital entrepreneur recently announced a collaboration with Angelini Beauty, for an exclusive line of fragrances, available from 2024. For now, little is known, we just have to wait

The perfumes of male stars, from Banderas to Backham

Not new to the world of beauty, there are also many Hollywood men who have created their own beauty lines, including some men’s fragrances.

The actor Antonio Banderas has signed a line of perfumes – for her and for him – that speak of seduction and sensuality. Blue Seduction Wave, created in 2022, is characterized by the fresh and acidic notes of bergamot, lemon, green apple which then warm up thanks to the heart of cedar, musk and patchouli which make the fragrance aromatic and woody. Perfect for the summer

The fragrance is also based on patchouli Original Eau de Cologne Spray Of Michael Jordan which combines cypress, grapefruit and lemon, evoking a romantic yet sporty temperament.

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Among the latest news, Infinite Aqua Of David Backham, inspired by trip along the Pacific coast: green notes of lemon and fig blend with an aquatic accord of ocean breeze, creating a feeling of freshness and freedom


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