Personnel from the Tijuana Health Jurisdiction were trained on the topic of “Disability and Sexuality”.

Tijuana, September 1, 2023 – To raise employee awareness Tijuana Health Services Jurisdiction (JSST) Training workshops were organized to address the needs of certain types of disabilities “Disability and Sexuality”.

he José Abel Delgado Peraza, Head of JSSTexplaining to attendees the importance of starting a dialogue with those interested and providing them with the information and plans currently available to provide care.

He explained that we would like medical, nursing, health promotion staff and those who come into contact with patients in general to consider the needs of certain types of disabilities and to provide them with programs that guarantee the free and responsible exercise of their sexual capacities such as Designed to prevent STIs, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, family planning and, if necessary, healthy pregnancy and more.

“It’s about making the sexual health of people with disabilities visible and respected, and recognizing that access to this right is also linked to access to well-rounded mental and emotional well-being,” he added.

As far as she is concerned, Judith Celis, founder of the Tres, Psychology and Sexology Civil Society, who provided the trainingstating that “Sex remains a taboo subjectusually it will be relegated, it will become invisible, it will not be very important, and it will be one of the last issues with less investment, so extensive training of health personnel is very important.”

Topics covered during the update include booklets on the sexual and reproductive rights of persons with disabilities, Live a life free from discrimination, Gender equality and autonomythe right to live with integrity and freedom from violence, to liberty, self-determination and the free development of individuality, to express sexual identity, expression and gender identity, orientation and sexual preference in a free and autonomous manner.

In addition to providing comprehensive sexuality education in language and providing resources tailored to the needs of persons with disabilities and their families, there is a right to provide scientific information about sexuality in languages, systems, formats, and technologies upon request by persons with disabilities. Disability, respect for intimacy and sexual privacy, free, pleasurable and informed sexuality, the right to sexual and reproductive health care based on the specific requirements of persons with disabilities, etc.

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