Peru reports new record of coronavirus infections in one day due to the Omicron variant

The Ministry of Health reported 24,288 new cases, exceeding by more than 7,100 the mark reached last Sunday of 17,128. In addition, they reported that 60 people lost their lives.

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Health authorities of Peru reported a record 24,288 new coronavirus cases, including his Minister of the Economy, at a time when the country was hit by a third wave of the pandemic variant driven Omicron.

The figure reported last night by the Ministry of Health, corresponding to the previous 24 hours, exceeds by more than 7,100 the record mark reached last Sunday of 17,128, and brings the total in Peru to more than 2.4 million since the beginning of its outbreak, in 2020.

The ministry added that another 60 people died of Covid-19, twice as much as 30 the previous day, with which the country of 33 million inhabitants already accumulates 203,157 deaths since the pandemic began, the news agency reported AFP.

For its part, The Ministry of Economy announced that its head, Pedro Francke, 61, tested positive yesterday in coronavirus.

“The minister has all three doses and is stable, complying with health protocols and medical indications,” the Ministry said in a statement.

The Health Ministry said last week that the South American country goes through a new wave of pandemic after the New Years and Christmas holidays.

The infections are due to the expansion of the Omicron variant, highly contagious, in Lima, Callao and in different regions of the country.

In metropolitan Lima, 82% of new cases are due to this variant, according to the Ministry.

The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, told the press that Ómicron “will affect the entire health system of the country”, mainly hitting the first level of care in posts and health centers.

While the contagions grow alarmingly, The Government of Peru announced yesterday that the tests for the detection of Covid-19 will only be carried out on those who have symptoms, and these people will also have to go through a medical consultation to determine if they can stay at home.

Cevallos further revealed that people with comorbidities and adults over 60 will be the priority for testing, with the idea of ​​”making more efficient” the use of the tests and avoiding exposure to the risk of contagion.

In this framework, the National Civil Service Authority (Servir) urged the heads of public entities to order the application of remote work for employees whose functions are compatible with this type of work, as a preventive measure against the increase of the cases.

For those positions in which remote work is not possible, other measures may be provided such as the application of mixed modalities, the license with enjoyment of having subject to subsequent compensation for the risk group and labor collaboration, said the Andina agency.

Dozens of people made long lines yesterday to undergo discard tests and get vaccinated, in hospitals and vaccinations in the capital.

Peru has the highest mortality rate from Covid-19 in the world, with 6,122 deaths per million inhabitants, according to a balance based on official figures.

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