Pet Vaccinations | These Are the Mandatory Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats: What You Must Know

Our pets need to get out of the house because it is an essential requirement to take care of their health. Even though it is a favorite of our animals, some animals may reject it and resist it.Although Owners don’t know what caused them to do so. Therefore, we must also take into account that, for the health of our pets, we must know that they need vaccinations to maintain perfect health.

In Spain there are mandatory and recommended vaccines and we must know what they are and when we should have them.

Dog Vaccinations

In Spain, mandatory vaccinations for dogs include Rabies Vaccines and Multivalent Vaccinescan prevent several common infectious diseases in dogs, including canine distemper, parvovirus, infectious canine hepatitis and canine parainfluenza.

  1. Rabies Vaccination: Rabies vaccination is mandatory because rabies It is a fatal disease for dogs and humans. It’s also a public health issue. Rabies is a viral disease, affect the nervous system. The reason the death rate is so high is that, once infected, it can cause encephalitis, seizures, paralysis and coma.

  2. Multivalent vaccines: A multivalent vaccine is a combination of multiple vaccines in a single injection.In the case of dog vaccines, multivalent vaccines contain a preventable component various common infectious diseases on the dog.yes It is important to emphasize this because for other diseasesFor example, cancer or autoimmune diseases in dogs, these vaccines are not effective.

With the exception of communities such as Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia, the usual vaccination regime for Spanish dogs is:

  • 6 weeks: the first bivalent vaccine against parvovirus and canine distemper.

  • 8 weeks: It has multiple effects on parvovirus, hepatitis, canine distemper, leptospirosis and parainfluenza virus.

  • 12 weeks: Has been vaccinated with multivalent vaccine.

  • 16 weeks: rabies vaccine

  • Per year: Reminder for polyvalent vaccines and rabies, depending on regional agreement.

cat vaccine

In order for your cat to stay healthy and enjoy many more years of companionship, it is important to have a series of cat vaccinations.

What vaccinations do cats need?

Indoor cats, as well as cats that are related to other types of animals or that are outdoors, must have the following vaccinations in order to have a good lifestyle and not get sick from time to time.

  1. canine distemper

  2. cat flu

  3. feline leukemia

  4. feline infectious peritonitis

  5. anger

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