PETA India Pays Curious Tribute to Kim Kardashian: Gives Her Name to a Cow

Kim Kardashian.

The businesswoman received one of the most curious gifts of Mother’s Day after PETA named a cow “Kim”

Kim Kardashian received one of the strangest accolades of her career after PETA India named a rescued cow “Kim. “

The 40-year-old businesswoman was recently honored by the animal protection association after naming a mother cow after her. This is a way of appreciation for showing compassion towards mothers of all species by eating a dairy-free diet with their families.

While the famous reality star doesn’t lead a completely vegan life, she does care to maintain an animal-friendly diet.

PETA- backed sanctuary obtained custody of the animal, which was likely exploited for dairy products. The former owner of the cow was caught mistreating her in the street, now she was saved and named “Kim.”

Along with the other animals, she enjoys her new home where she is surrounded by green pastures and all the food that a cow could ask for.

“While the rescued Kim prefers to spend quiet days in the shade and in private, in the most important ways she is like the human Kim, devoted to her family and who loves spending time with her friends,” said PETA India Director, Sachin Bangera.

“PETA thanks Kim Kardashian for following the course into the future, which is vegan,” concluded the director.

So far the businesswoman and ex-wife of  Kanye West have not commented on this simple and tender tribute.

Kim has said on more than one occasion that dairy is prohibited for her and she prefers to replace it with products such as coconut milk and almond cheese. He has shared this diet with his family, so his children are used to eating this type of diet.

PETA has reported that cows in the dairy industry are artificially inseminated in a process that qualifies as “a painful rape” and they are separated from their newborn babies to later use their milk. On the other hand, he has denounced that the calves that are isolated remain in narrow cages.