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PETA’s mascot, the final character in Smash Bros. Ultimate?

After nearly three years of revelations of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the largest catalog in the history of the series is almost complete. Smash Ultimate’s second fighter pass has a slot left, and Masahiro Sakurai is adamant that no one else will be added to the game after that. That makes this latest ad the most important of all, and PETA hopes to get that coveted last spot.

No, you have not read wrong nor is it a mistake. The controversial organization for the defense of animal rights PETA has made a genuine offer for his pet, a chicken named “Not A Nugget”, to be added to Smash Ultimate as a fighter. PETA has even toyed with the “my uncle works at Nintendo” meme to generate controversy, joking that the inclusion of Not A Nugget is already decided.

The last character in Fighters Pass 2 is the “Not a Nugget” mascot from PETA, which has appeared in various viral versions of @NintendoAmerica games“PETA tweeted. Initial tweets even include mock screenshots of Not A Nugget in action, using its unique moveset against characters like Mario and Ken from Street Fighter. It’s clear that Not A Nugget isn’t very good, as the victory screen shows PETA’s mascot in fourth place out of four fighters.

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Since then, PETA It has gone beyond a funny tweet and a few screenshots. He has created an entire website dedicated to the campaign to turn Not A Nugget into a fighter of Smash. Includes details on the pet’s move set, as well as breakdowns on what PETA’s inclusion will bring to the game. “PETA suggests that ‘Not a Nugget’ could use various accompanying items, such as spinach and tofu, available to restore the character’s damage meter.“reads the Not A Nugget page.

As already mentioned, PETA He has faced Nintendo before. In 2020, the organization accused Animal Crossing: New Horizons of being unethical. He even posted a vegan guide to playing the game that primarily avoids fishing and catching critters. Regarding the probability that Not A Nugget reaches Smash, the final fighter will have been decided long ago, so PETA’s campaign is almost definitely in vain.

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