Peter Gonzalez Falcon, the young Fellini at Roma, has died

A lifeless body was found at his home in La Prior, Texas on Tuesday, August 22. Peter Gonzalez Falcon. American actor best known for playing a young man Federico Fellini in the autobiographical film of the director from Rimini Rome, was 75 years old. He was survived by his daughters Ariana and Talulah and his sister Mary.

Gonzalez Falcon made his film debut in 1969. Let’s take back Fort Alamo!, filmed partly at the Cinecittà studio in Rome before moving to London for a year as a model. Gonzalez Falcon was chosen by Fellini himself for Rome, which included cameos by Anna Magnani, Marcello Mastroianni and Gore Vidal. Clips of the film show González Falcon as Fellini in the 1930s and 1940s, after the future director comes to Rome to pursue a career in journalism and wanders the city to see what he has to offer. Fellini “was wonderful, always kind and gentle with me,” the actor said in an interview in 2018. “However, I saw how he would start attacking if someone did not give him what he wanted. I never had a relationship with problems. He was really smart, a genius. He had his own vision and revelation for every scene. It was amazing to see Fellini directing.”

During the filming of “Rome”, he also played the role of a patient in a psychiatric hospital in the film. Guest (1971), directed by Liliana Cavani. He later starred in TV series and films such as The end… of the end (1978), directed by Burt Reynolds, Heartbreakers (1983), with Miguel Ferrer, border town (2007) Gregory Nava with Jennifer Lopez and Martin Sheen and others.

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