Petralia Soprana celebrates the apostles Peter and Paul

The appointments will end on 29 June with a grand procession and a musical show by Mirko and Valerio “Twin Violins”. On the eve “The Tarantolati di Tricarico” would be given to the people to dance in the Piazza Duomo.

Petralia Soprana, 26.06.2023 – The celebrations of the city’s patrons, the Apostles Peter and Paul, come to life. The celebrations, organized by the Petralia Soprana Municipality, the Office of the Parish Archpriest and the committee headed by Leonardo Cerami, have already started with the opening of “U Fistinu” last June 20 and will end the following Thursday with a grand procession and the final show. ,

last night june 27 The appointment is renewed in “Santa Croce” with the reception of the sacred effigies of the villages: Madonnazza, Raffo, SS. Trinita, Pianello, Pelizzara, Cipampini and San Giovanni will arrive in procession to Piazza Duomo with parish delegations. This was followed by a musical performance by kindergarten, primary school children and secondary school students of the Comprehensive Institute of Petralia Soprana.

Party Eve, June 28The appointments begin in the morning with music bands and drummers touring the streets of the city, ringing bells and firing of firecrackers in celebration. it will be in the afternoon Band Complex “G. greens” To be entertained until the evening, when after the procession of the Mass and the miniature simulacra, it will be possible to attend concerts in the Piazza Duomo. “The Tarantoletas of Tricarico”.

June 29 Various celebrations are scheduled at the Mother Church including an 11.00am celebration which will be presided over by the Parish Priest don calogero falcone With the presence of the Municipal Administration, Del Mayor Pietro Macalusoparticipation of civil and military officials and Polyphonic Choir “Petra Ensemble” Directed by Ins. M. Cerami, In the afternoon, at 18.00, the procession of the Apostles Peter and Paul with all the statues of the saints present in the Petralia Soprana and the various churches of the villages.

The festival will conclude with a musical show by Mirko and Valerio “Twin Violins” followed by a fireworks display in the Piazza Duomo.

Tarantoletas of Tricarico

The Tarantolati di Tricarico is one of the longest active formations on the Italian music scene. He was born in Lucania in 1975 and soon made national headlines thanks to talent-scout Giancarlo Cesaroni, director of the Folk Studio, the famous Roman venue for some of the most important Italian songwriters. Authentic interpreter of taranta lucana, in the 70s he was the pioneer of a unique compositional style, characterized by mesmerizing, obsessive rhythms, with a forceful and engaging stage presence, drums in the foreground and male voices in unison, traditional Shlokas are like mantras in thought provoking repetition. A style that has become an integral part of the tradition of Basilicata and the entire peninsula, has attracted enthusiastic criticism from many international experts, including Giancarlo Governi. Without false modesty, in the last four decades they know how to interpret the songs of the elders, as well as how to deal with the rhythm and poetics of world music, bring their shows, as well as the most important festivals and reviews of all Also in Italy, Europe, on the stage of the United States, Brazil and Russia. The center of the tradition of Tricarico, drums, secular and pagan festivities returned in the heat of crowded squares, which also show contempt for the injustices suffered daily by the last people, always in the lively pulse of the present and from the weary Away Museum re-offer ethnography. The show, over two intense and thrilling hours, brings to life the sounds of an international and inter-generational taranta, the music of occupation as well as the music of liberation.
Rescue-driven people, hunting for “Gatta Mammen”, have been saving precious tracts of memory from the ravages of time and the extinction of older generations over the years.
A good deed which is an act of faith, existence and living matter. Laxative like any liberating action, necessary like any healthy emotion…
Even after forty years, thanks to the contribution of new elements, today they are rethinking tradition and writing the music of the future, singing peasant civilization and playing music of the world.

Mirko and Valerio “Twin Violins”

Mirko and Valerio Lucia started playing the violin at the age of 8. The twins, who have been mesmerizing the entire world since 2020, first started learning the basics from their father. Beginning in March 2020, during the first lockdown imposed due to the COVID pandemic, the parents of the twins started posting some videos of their children on social media which quickly went viral. First up, that video in which the kids play Viva La Vida by Coldplay. The version was so impeccably produced that it caught the band’s attention and made it into the top ten. The most popular video in the United States, the most viewed video of 2020 on the CBS News International portal. As such, the twins attracted many international artists such as Penélope Cruz, while the Coldplay singer came into contact with the two younger artists. , Following this, Mirko and Valerio performed with the band in a live stream. In January 2022, he landed in the United States. In fact, the twins flew to Los Angeles to be Ellen DeGeneres’ guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Currently, the twins are attending the Caltanissetta Conservatory. His dreams and plans for the future are related to the study of music: in fact, he wants to obtain a degree related to the music field and be able to perform in the biggest and most important theaters in the world.

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