Peugeot e-3008, an electric SUV ready to debut

Big day for Peugeot e-3008 I’ll be there soon. September 12 is a date to watch on the calendar, in which – finally – a technical passport will be presented containing all the characteristics of the motorcycle, confirming or not the reconstruction of the previous day. At the presentation in Sochaux, the production site from which the electric 3008 models will be launched in 2024, Peugeot (here you can find models on the used car market) accompanies us, revealing the design of the SUV, quite different in proportions. we know about the 3008 thermal and plug-in hybrid.

Smoother lines

The first signals from the forklifts already showed us the path to a solution. An SUV in fastback style, that is, defined by the tail between the world of coupe SUVs and two and a half volumes.. Say goodbye to the vertical tailgate cutout in favor of more streamlined lines. Pronounced angularities are a distinctive element of the stylistic evolution that Peugeot follows. At the front, refined and horizontally developed headlights with three LED scratches are visible, echoing the graphics of the adaptive all-LED modules of the main headlight. The radiator grille, as already proposed for the Peugeot 208 restyling, is complex pattern on closed surfaces, in body color. The first electric project Stellantis, born on the STLA Medium architecture, will pave the way for the emergence of 7 new models under the Peugeot brand.


The size and number of electric motors that will be installed on the e-3008 are still in question. We know howThe STLA Medium architecture is designed to cover from the C segment to the E segment., thanks to modular dimensions. We expect a wheelbase of over 2.70 meters. The range is likely to be just under 550 km.and motor-generator options that can be combined with the Stellantis Medium architecture range from 218 hp. for configuration with one front engine up to 387 hp. for dual motor configuration.

Renault-Geely engines: will appear between 2026 and 2027.

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