Pharrell Williams: a gospel debut with Louis Vuitton

From few days catwalk debut With his first men’s collection for Louis Vuitton, following his appointment as creative director of the French fashion house’s men’s division, Pharrell Williams is back to music with new songjoy (inexplicable), For the song, the American singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and fashion designer joined forces Gospel Choir sounds of fireWhich he, along with his uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams, made during the 2020 Netflix documentary of the same name.

single, which marks second collaboration of the year Williams, after “4eva” with Kaytramin√©, has nothing to do with her better known musical work. ,joy (inexplicable)Breaks away from the sounds of NERD or successful collaborations include “Get Lucky” with Daft Punk and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, as well as the 2013 hit “Happy”, which was used as the soundtrack to the film Animation. is selected indespicable Me 2“. The sound and atmosphere of the new song, which refers to sacred choral music, is widespread among African American communities. away from rap by Tyler, The Creator and 21 Savage With which in 2022 Pharrell Williams released the song “Cash in Cash Out”. Williams, who collaborated with Calvin Harris, Justin Timberlake and Halsey on “Stay With Me” and Travis Scott’s “Down in Atlanta” last year, is back with “See You Again”.joy (inexplicable)“A new dimension to inaugurate your new path in fashion.

There spirituality and joy transmitted by the new single with the Voice of Fire choir are really from The soundtrack to the new adventure at Louis Vuitton by Williams, is set to present its debut collection tomorrow – June 20 – during men’s fashion week in Paris. fashion show, as the artist herself told the American edition of Vogue, will actually take place with New songs signed and produced by the composer himselfAhead ,Happiness (inexplicable)”.

Williams, who chose Rihanna as her inspiration for her first Louis Vuitton campaign while expecting her second child, spoke of two other pieces, of which she said: “There’s also a song called ‘Chains and Whips’ And there’s ‘Another Composition’ that I’ve been working on for a decade, called ‘Peace Be Still’, which includes a segment.lang lang plays the piano,

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