Phase 3 of the Coronavirus: what it means, what it is and when it comes to Mexico


Mexico continues in its phase of accelerated growth by Coronavirus. At this time, our country has most of 3 thousand cases and most of 200 deaths related by the COVID-19. All states have at least 5 confirmed cases, and the majority have experienced at least one death. For this reason, the deputy minister of health, Hugo López-Gatell, stated during his lecture on update of April 9, that phase 3 could be reported in the next few daystherefore it is important to follow the slope of the official information from the health authorities regarding the pandemic.

When do you start Phase 3 by Coronavirus in Mexico?

Hugo Lopez-Gatell noted from a couple of weeks ago that entering the Phase 3 for our country is a matter of time and the evolution of contagion, and that it is possible to declare in the next 15 days. “We have estimated from the start that probably in the next 15 days”noted the deputy minister. This means that the estimated date would be between 11 and 24 April when it would be declared this third scenario.

What is Phase 3 of Coronaviruses and what do they mean?

According to the World Health Organization, this phase occurs when a disease is present in the greater part of the national territory and the majority of hiv infections are community-based. That is to say that acquire the Coronavirus by contact with another person within the country. These are some of the key measures that could be carried out when you declare this scenario.

  • Emphasis on the provision of social distancing and staying at home.
  • Suspension of public events in open spaces such as plazas and parks.
  • Suspension of classes in all school levels.
  • Suspension of activity in all centres of employment that outbreaks assets COVID-19.

When will end the quarantine in Mexico?

On the 16th of march, the Health Secretariat began with the National day of Healthy Distance, which pointed to a series of measures and recommendations for citizens to avoid as much as possible infection. Subsequently, on march 23, the health authorities spread the term from this day until the 30 of April, specified date, where it will begin the return to activity sporadically. Although the cases continue to increase, the date is retained, since the Federal Government has indicated that its intention is to minimize the negative impacts to the national economy.

What phase 3 will come in across the country at the same time?

The doctor Alejandro Macías Hernández, infectologist of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, recently pointed out in a scientific article that would be ideal cities with large clusters of population, as the capital of the country, be the first in introducing these measures. “We are a few weeks of entering with force in this phase to settle, at least, a couple of months before falling of its incidence. Will be jumping in little by little to other states in the country,” noted the expert on infections. However, this decision shall be the Secretariat of Health, so you will have to wait for their final determination, which will be announced during one of its upcoming conferences evening update of the national picture by Coronavirus.

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