“Phase 3 will arrive between two to three weeks to Mexico”: Gatell


The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatellprovides that the phase 3 of the epidemic by COVID-19 register between two or three weeks in Mexico.

The officer of health stated that what they are doing right now is going to have an effect in few weeks close to, “sometimes the expectation is I do something today, to have a result today, this is not the case with this disease; in this case it is today I have to act, that’s why we decided from the 23rd of march to start the national day of healthy distance that lasts until the 30 of April”.

He added: “Because what we do today, staying in our house, leaving the bare minimum, what we’re going to see positive results in the phase three, which comes in a couple of weeks”.

Estimation of the Phase 3 of the COVID-19 in Mexico

Lopez-Gatell Said it would be between two or three weeks when they determine that it is in phase 3.

“Right now, we have to maintain a lot of discipline because you still don’t come more intense phase of the disease,” he said.

He commented that: “Remain today in the house has the purpose that when we have a more intense phase of transmission, which is going to be the phase three, we have less infections, less sick people and less serious and we can cater to all”.

He reiterated that the epidemic “has not finished” so he asked the population to stay in their home, because the only way to reduce the intensity of the transmission is staying in house.

“Then will come phase three, the epidemic has not been finished, and as we have also said repeatedly, we must be prepared for an epidemic long,” he said.

Mexico reaches 2 billion infected by COVID-19

The undersecretary explained that this Sunday the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus reached two thousand 143 confirmed cases, while the number of deaths sum 94.

In a press conference explained that in addition you have five thousand 29 suspected cases and have been ruled out 10 thousand 682. The City of Mexico, the State of Mexico and Jalisco continue as the entities most affected.

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Although globally, the prevalence of complications in infected people are found in older adults, the official said that in Mexico are recorded many cases in young adults.

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