Phil Spencer is optimistic about his future

The Xbox boss also talks about the beginnings of Xbox Live or the failed Kinect.

Xbox Game Pass

The big party for him Xbox 20th Anniversary It has left us with some very interesting announcements, among which the nearly 70 new backward compatible Xbox games stand out, but it has also prompted the head of Microsoft’s video games division to offer some very interesting information about the past and future of the Xbox brand. Because Phil Spencer relies on that ambitious plan to reach and attract those more than 3 billion potential players out there in the world using services like Xbox Game Pass or xCloud cloud play.

Kinect allowed children with disabilities to enjoy video games“At some point in the future, more people will be part of the Xbox community through mobiles than in any other device, simply by the mere fact that there are many more mobiles on the market “, Phil Spencer commented in an interview with Axios. In this growth policy the Game Pass is a key piece in Microsoft’s strategy but … How profitable is it? Redmond people are often told that they are “burning money” to maintain a catalog of games as attractive as Xbox Game Pass, but is that so?

“I know there are many people who say that, that we are burning money, but no. Game Pass it’s very, very sustainable as it is now. And it continues to grow, “adds Phil Spencer. Without concrete figures, in the past the company noted that there were more than 18 million subscribers, and although Xbox Game Pass continues to add new subscribers, it seems that it has done so below Microsoft’s expectations. .

Another interesting point in the interview has to do with the memory of Kinect, the failed motion control system with which Microsoft wanted to attract a greater number of players, emulating the success of the Wii. Spencer highlighted that the feedback from parents with children with physical or mental disabilities was very positive, since Kinect allowed them to finally enjoy video games. A task to which Microsoft’s video games division continued to dedicate efforts, which would end up creating a peripheral such as the Xbox adaptive controller, which has given us moments as beautiful as watching a girl play Zelda: Breath of the Wild thanks to the controller. custom made by his father.

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