Phison promises to launch the world’s largest E1.S SSD under its own brand

The first solid-state drives inherited the form factor from hard drives. However, it is not optimal for clients, hyperscale, and enterprise computing environments because it does not address their unique needs. At the same time, when designing solid-state drives, there is no need to adhere to the decisions made when designing hard drives. The absence of plates and other moving parts in the design frees up the hands of designers in choosing a standard size.

An example is M.2 drives, which are much more compact than HDDs and plug directly into a slot on the motherboard.

However, M.2 has several disadvantages. In particular, the lack of support for hot-swapping and the complexity of maintenance due to the location of the slot. M.2 drives are also not ideal in terms of 1U rack space utilization.

The EDSFF E1.S size is more attractive, according to Phison Electronics, known for its NAND flash controllers, which offer advantages in terms of volume, scalability, performance, serviceability, cooling, and power.

E1.S drives fit perfectly into a 1U rackmount storage server. At the same time, the standard also defines the parameters of radiators that eliminate the problem of overheating. There is room on the drive board to accommodate more NAND chips, which allows for more SSD storage. Easy maintenance with hot-swappable and LED health indicators.

Phison promises to release an E1.S SSD soon under its own brand. It is said to be the most capacious in the world.


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