PHOTO Alessandra Ambrosio absolutely divine in a bikini, she was rocking the canvas


On Saturday, the 4. april Alessandra Ambrosio has not done things by half. The model is unveiled in a new bikini shows off her amazing body and, of course, his fans have remained indifferent.

Nothing more Alessandra Ambrosio holds. The Brazilian has proven to us that you are not to cold in the eyes. And leads this development and presents a new picture of her. And while the containment is reinforced in the world the young woman has the solution, to spend the time. This 4. april, Alessandra Ambrosio has. therefore, together, a beautiful photo of her in the new bikini Still so sexy, the top model of the 38-year-old posing in a small bathroom set, both parts of Golden brown color. The color tone with their skin caramelized from the sun of Brazil. Colors astral, as she says in the commentary, he with his own image :” Discover the new style, the astral in the colors of the sun “. It is, of course, a bikini his brand Was Floripa created with two other friends to her.

Alessandra Ambrosio heads of your subscribers

Although its participants are accustomed to see in a bathing suit, they tire not, so each new photo to be admired she shares. Always so receptive to the beauty of the wife of Nicolo Oddi, the fans have responded very quickly through a variety of news from around the world. ” Unreal “,” Stunning “,” Divine “, “ Beautiful “,” To beautiful it is hard to resist “,” This bikini is divine on your body “or yet “ Goddess and A mermaid “you can read in the comments. There is no doubt that the fans of Alessandra are Ambrosio completely envout├ęs by its plastic dream. And at the same time, you will understand why !